Hello. My name is Field, Lyle Field.

Unlike most of the other New 52 titles, the Green Lantern line has stayed unaffected by the reboot applied by the Flashpoint series… at least in terms of recent events. The only other titles that have the same status are the Legion of Super-Heroes and the Batman family of titles.

Since the debut of the New 52, Sinestro remains a reluctant Green Lantern while Hal Jordan is still banished and is compelled to aid his arch nemesis with a ring created and powered by Sinestro. Kyle Rayner is considered an “outlaw” among the Green Lantern Corps and is working alongside a representative from each of the other lantern corps. John Stewart continues his path of darkness after destroying another planet who happens to be a fellow Green Lantern, Mogo. Guy Gardner remains the only other Earth based Green Lantern to be in stable position within the Green Lantern Corps but still causes mayhem and chaos within the corps and the Guardians of the Universe.

Speaking of the Guardians of the Universe, the majority of the Green Lantern family of titles seems to be geared toward the evil they are now committing and replacing the Green Lantern Corps with the Third Army to be led by the “First Lantern.”

Green Lantern not only continues to star Hal Jordan—the Greatest Green Lantern of Them All—but the creative team also continues to be Geoff Johns, Doug Mahnke and Christian Alamy. The only difference is that Sinestro is taking equal billing as the star of the series. The former friends and still arch foes to each other have developed a buddy-buddy type antagonist relationship like the 1989 movie “Tango & Cash”. The two were successful in hindering the entire Sinestro Corps by shutting the “off” switch of the primary Yellow Lantern and thus freeing Korugar (once again). Not a bad story arc but was looking for something more.

However, it is the current storyline—The Secret of the Indigo Tribe—that was intriguing with the startling revelation that almost all the Indigo Tribe where hardened criminals, murderers and psychopaths who were “reformed” just by wearing the Indigo Power Rings. Seems Ray Palmer/the Atom was the only Indigo Tribe member was not a hardened criminal, but they may have been “wiped out” due to Flashpoint. Abin Sur is the mastermind behind the development of the Indigo Tribe in order to combat the prophesied evil of the Guardians of the Universe, the creation of their Third Army and the signal of the ending of all the Lantern Corps. We have already seen the end of the Sinestro Corps, now the Indigo Tribe and it looks like the Blue Lantern Corps is next in the pages of Green Lantern: New Guardians #9 and Blue Beetle #9.

Geoff Johns, like clockwork, when he begins writing a new series—or in this case a rebooted series—he is slow to start but when he really gets going it is bound to be spectacular. The team of Mahnke and Alamy continues to do improved and great art work.

The Green Lantern Corps sees the return of writer Peter Tomasi back on the title with his former partners in Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors the art team of Fernando Pasarin and Scott Hanna. The title started out with a bang …. action-oriented with deep characterization plus a lot of machismo. However since the inaugural New 52 story arc the title has slowed right down and undergoing a repeating cycle ….. the guilty thoughts of John Stewart over causing another death, the Alpha Lanterns continued collective single-mindedness, Salakk’s continued blind devotion to the Guardians of the Universe and Guy Gardner acting like an ass. In essence, the same status quo even with the ramifications from the War of the Green Lanterns. The GLC needs to redefine itself outside of the approaching Third Army mega-arc and fast.

Green Lantern: New Guardians had a very slow start, even a slower start than the New 52 Green Lantern. However it is all starting to come together. Tony Bedard is a hit and miss kind of writer. I loved his work on Marvel’s Exiles and DC’s REBELS series but he wrote the GLC after the Blackest Night, there was no life to the title. However, his current work on the New Guardians is starting to see signs of the big pay off. It seems the prophecy that the “evil” Guardians of the Universe will destroy all the Lantern Corps is about to be true and somehow the ‘outlaw” Green Lantern Kyle Rayner is key to prevent that from happening. As the series continues, there is a great possibility that Kyle, Bleez (Red Lantern), Munk (Indigo Tribe), Saint Walker (Blue Lantern) and Fatality (Star Sapphires) may be the sole ring bearers of each of their corps. Heck, Arkillo is the last Sinestro Corps member with an active yellow ring. Bear in mind and unstable ring made by the Weaponer. I feel that Bedard has the ability to turn this rag-tag of emotional nutcases into an actual cosmic super-hero team just like when he took over the Exiles. He just needs a little time and also leave the Blue Beetle, the sales on the Blue Beetle is below 20,000 units that it is on the verge of cancellation, so that he can devote more time to this title.

The one major problem with the series is the art team, Tyler Kirkham and Batt are NOT the artists for Green Lantern: New Guardians. Something about their art did not suit when they took over the Green Lantern Corps after the Blackest Night and the same thing in this title. Their action scenes is too stiff and unexciting and their character features and close-ups are even worse. The team of Kirkham and Batt had their chance on a top-tier title and have failed. If it were up to me, I would have used either Andy Clarke or Claude St. Aubin as the pencillers with Scott Hanna as the inker—the same art team that did the severely underselling and critically acclaimed (at least by me) REBELS during its 2009-2011 run.

Anger and rage is a powerful and unfocused emotion that burns faster than a candle. I expected Red Lanterns to be that way—something similar to the old “Hulk Smash” era—however with writer Peter Milligan, it is a slow burn. Too slow. Milligan is very good at character development but his pacing is that of a slug. Milligan may have added story segments on individual Red Lanterns ala the old Green Lantern Corps features of the 70s and 80s, but his stride is too long, over reaching and tired.

Ed Benes art is also suffering, more so when each year passes on. Oh, he may still draw great female back sides but that is all he is able to do right now. Benes either does not have passion to draw the series, especially after drawing the Justice League of America between 2007-2009, or his art skills have begun to atrophy like some other great artists such as John Byrne. Anyways, new and upcoming Red Lanterns artist Miguel Sepulveda (soon to be ex-Stormwatch) will do great things artistically and may even bring me back to the series after leaving it at #6.

With the upcoming Third Army arc set to engulf all the Lantern Corps in the entire Green Lantern line, it reminds me of the new Green Lantern oath that Sodam Yat (the last Guardian of the Universe in the 31st Century) spouted in Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds mini-series:

In Brightest Day, through Blackest Night,
No other corps shall spread its light!
Let those who try to stop what’s right,
Burn like my power …. Green Lantern’s light!

Could Geoff Johns set this up a precursor to the future of the Green Lantern mythology? Guess we will have to see in the next year or so.

I’ll smell you later.

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Hello. My name is Field, Lyle Field. Unlike most of the other New 52 titles, the Green Lantern line has stayed unaffected by the reboot applied by the Flashpoint series... at least in terms of recent events. The only other titles that have the same status are the Legion of...