We’re back and hey – this was a pretty good episode!

Alaric has now taken up residence in the Salvatore dungeon so Stefan can get a location on where the evil alter-ego hid the stake.

Elena and Damon head to Denver to get Jeremy, because he is no longer safe there now that Klaus knows where he is. They find Jeremy at the batting cage with his new creepy buddy, Cole.

Damon and Cole have a throw down and Damon manages to stake him with the baseball bat that broke when Cole hit him. This gives Elena, Damon and Jeremy the opportunity to make a run for it. Of all the Originals, I swear Cole is the most annoying!

Klaus shows up at the Salvatore casa looking for the stakes and instead finds just one, as well as Stefan chatting with Alaric in the dungeon. He gets brought up to speed on how Alaric’s dark resident hid the last stake, what could really happen to the vampire lines, and takes matters into his own hands. He throws Alaric against the wall and kills him. Thankfully, Alaric is still wearing his magic ring so he can come back.

Caroline gets Matt’s help with manipulating Rebekah so she and Tyler can spend some quality time together, now that he has snuck back into town under the raider. Rebekah seems to buy it, up until Matt gives her a ride home. That’s when he lays it on thick and says it is sad for her to be so suspicious of a simple ride. Even though Matt was mostly deflecting, he’s made an excellent point!

When she returns to the mansion, Esther is waiting for her. Rebekah rushes in and throws mummy against the wall in preparation of killing her. Esther tells her she is already dying. Before she was drawing her power from the Bennett line of witches. Now that, that line has been severed her days are numbered. She gives Rebekah a big speech about how nobody should live for 1,000 years, she has seen all the sadness Rebekah endured, grabs her hands and drops to the ground.

Tyler and Caroline get re-acquainted down in the Lockwood dungeon and Caroline lets Tyler know what is happening with the vampire bloodlines, etc. Damon’s mission is to find out which of the Original’s they have descended from and if it isn’t Klaus, he is still their number one enemy. That puts Tyler in serious danger.

Elena, Damon and Jeremy check into a motel so they can have a quiet place for Jeremy to contact Rose and they can find out who sired her. She tells them it was Mary, aka Crazy Mary to Damon. However, she lost track of her. She promises to come back with her last known location. In the meantime, Damon suggests everybody get some rest while he freshens up. During a moment alone, Jeremy asks Elena what’s up between her and Damon – even Rose knows and commented on it. Elena pretty much blows him off.

When shirtless Damon comes out of the shower, it is dark in the room. Elena is still very much awake and watches him carefully. He puts on a shirt, but doesn’t button the front. After a while he senses he is being watched and looks over at Elena. She pretends to be asleep, changes her mind and stares openly at him. He gets into bed with her and they have a brief conversation, before she takes off. He follows her outside the motel room and they get into a steamy make-out session. Tyler interrupts the session with news that Rose has located Mary.

Damon and Elena head into Crazy Mary’s house while Jeremy waits outside. They find her staked to the wall inside and Cole waiting in the shadows. Now that Klaus knows what is going on, there’s no way he’s going to let them figure out who they descend from. Cole tosses Elena across the room and beats the stuffing out of Damon, so they can be “even”. Then he takes off and leaves Elena and Damon alone to deny their feelings for each other. When Damon asks what’s going on, Elena tells him it was Stefan who suggested they take the trip together so she can sort out her feelings. When Damon tries to get closer, Elena averts and tells him he is self-destructive. He promises not to make her decision so easy this time.

During the car ride back to Mystic Falls, Rose makes another appearance to Jeremy and tells him they had a quarrel, but they are actually well-suited for each other. Jeremy complies with Rose’s request and doesn’t tell them she is there. He just quietly listens.

Back in the Salvatore dungeon, Alaric awakens and he is still good Alaric. That’s when he realizes the only way to bring out the baddie is if he is in danger of dying. He takes off his ring and tells Stefan to come at him. Stefan beats him repeatedly and when he finally goes to strangle him the alter-ego with a sense of self-preservation makes himself known. After taunting Stefan a little, he reveals that the stake is in the cave. Yep, the one that vampires cannot enter.

When Stefan comes out of the dungeon, Klaus and “Rebekah” are waiting for him. They now all know the location of the final stake. So “Rebekah” takes dark Alaric to the cave. Stefan wants to know what Klaus’s plans are now that he knows. Klaus tells him he is considering. That’s when Stefan calls him out and tells him if he was really planning on killing him, he would have done so already. Klaus confesses that he is still hoping to get his old friend, Ripper back. After the gratuitous beating Stefan gave Alaric, maybe he won’t have to wait much longer. Stefan tells him that he is finally coming to terms with his dark-side and his good side, so he can get out of his house. Just in case I haven’t mentioned it before, I like this Stefan SO much better!

At the cave, “Rebekah” tells Alaric to show her the stake. He pulls it out and asks why he would give up the last weapon available to kill an Original and tries to bargain. “Rebekah” steps into the cave and reveals, dun, dun, dun, that she is in fact Esther and has taken Rebekah’s body. She doesn’t want to just kill one Original, she wants them all undone. Further, she’s surprised that he of all people didn’t recognize it. After all, Klaus did the same thing to him. Sweet!

Caroline brings Tyler home to stay at their house. Sheriff Forbes said it’s okay for him to sleep on the sofa while he sorts things out. While Caroline is making up a bed for him, he discovers the drawing Klaus did for her and asks about it. Caroline mentions that even when Klaus is trying to be charming, he’s still creepy. Agreed! Tyler wants to know why she would keep the drawing then. Good question! Caroline has no answer, so Tyler takes off.

Well, the good news is the last three episodes of season 3 should air over the next few weeks without delay!

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We're back and hey - this was a pretty good episode! Alaric has now taken up residence in the Salvatore dungeon so Stefan can get a location on where the evil alter-ego hid the stake. Elena and Damon head to Denver to get Jeremy, because he is no longer safe there...