All hell breaks loose on The Walking Dead season two finale.

As Rick and Carl head back to the farm, legions of walkers initially following the sound of helicopters hear the gunshot and change direction. They are almost on top of the two before Rick realizes it. As soon as he does, they take off running.

Daryl and Glenn arrive back at the farmhouse with news about finding zombie Randall. Lori is in a panic because Rick and Shane have yet to return, so she asks Daryl to go back out. As he is getting ready to head out he sees the hordes of zombies and alerts everyone. They all arm themselves and mount up in the vehicles with hopes of diverting the walking dead from the farmhouse.

With Maggie driving, Glenn is literally in the shotgun seat, shooting as many walkers out the window as he can. It’s the same with T-Dog driving and Andrea shooting. Daryl mobilizes on his motorbike.

Rick and Carl make a break for the barn. Once inside Rick barricades the door, spreads gasoline and ushers Carl upstairs with a lighter. He then opens the doors and tries to get as many as he can inside before Carl drops the lighter into the barn. The two are stuck on the roof as the barn is swarmed, until Jimmy heads over with the camper. They jump on the roof and for some reason Jimmy didn’t secure the door or keep driving so he gets mobbed. This gives Rick and Carl a chance to escape.

Lori freaks when she realizes that Carl isn’t anywhere in the house. Carol finally convinces her it is time to go. They head outside and try to get Hershel to come with them, but he is too focused on shooting as many walkers as he can and refusing to leave his farm. T-Dog and Andrea pull up in the pick-up and Lori heads for it, but Andrea jumps out to help Carol when she gets pinned down. As Beth and Patricia are running for the truck, Patricia gets jumped. T-Dog burns rubber and gets the hell out of dodge.

Glenn realizes the farm is lost and they have to get out of there before they get swarmed. Maggie finally agrees to leave the farm and her family.

When Hershel stops to reload his gun, a walker comes up behind him and is ready to chomp. That’s when Rick pops up and blows its head off. He convinces Hershel it’s time to go. So Rick, Carl and Hershel hop into another truck and take off.

As Daryl is getting ready to leave, he sees Carol running so he stops and gives her a chance to hop on the back of the bike.

Andrea is alive and under a corpse, but nobody sees her and she gets left behind with Rick’s bag and some ammo. She takes off running.

First light comes up and everybody in their respective vehicles tries to figure out how to find the rest of the group. They didn’t ever decide on a  rendezvous location as the plan was to just hunker down at the farm for the winter. Slowly each comes to realize that they should return to the highway and back to the car where they had left the sign for Sophia along with the supplies. Rick, Carl and Hershel arrive first and have to wait. Hershel urges Rick to take Carl and run several times, but Rick isn’t going and neither is Carl. As Rick is almost ready to tell Carl maybe they should go, the rest of the vehicles show up. They take attendance, try to figure out who is alive and what to do next. Andrea is the only one they aren’t completely certain is dead.

Meanwhile, Andrea has been running the entire night. She stops long enough to take stock of her weapons, ammo and reload as she can. When she runs out of bullets, she starts to use her environment. She bashes a walker into a tree. She uses the end of her gun to smash them in the head. She just keeps running and fighting. It looks like there is a shotgun inside the bag. Even if it is out of ammo, using it would give her a bit more range to stab them in the eye socket. She takes down one and another is almost on top of her, so she pulls out a knife. That’s when a cloaked stranger with two zombies in tow and a sweet sword decapitates the walker and saves her. Wow! Andrea has probably had the biggest arc from the end of last season when she wanted to die, to the end of this season when she uses every weapon in her arsenal to fight and survive.

The rest of the group gets out on the road and takes off, until the truck Rick is driving runs out of gas. They signal for everyone to pull over and decide what to do next. Nightfall is coming up on them quickly and Rick is adamant that they don’t separate anymore after Maggie and Glenn offer to try to do a supply run somewhere. The conversation comes back to zombie Randall not having any bites and what happened to Shane. That’s when Rick discloses what Jenner from the CDC told him – they are all carriers. That’s right, I forgot about that! Everybody gets upset that he didn’t tell them before, but Rick maintains it was best they didn’t know and walks off. Lori follows him and tries to comfort him. That’s when he tells her about Shane. She pulls away and looks completely shocked and offended. Her reaction is a total WTF as she was the one who was trying to convince him how dangerous Shane was before.

They make a fire and huddle around it, in what looks like it used to be some sort of building with only the foundation left. While T-Dog keeps watch, Carol bitches to Daryl about Rick not telling them the truth. Daryl sticks up for Rick and his decision. Maggie tells Glenn she thinks they should have done the supply run. When they hear a noise in the woods and start talking about how they should run into the darkness to find out what it is, Rick again tells them he is trying to keep the group together. Then he gets frustrated and tells them about how Shane planned to kill him, so he took him out. Further, he decides he is tired of trying to be the one keeping everyone together so if anyone thinks they can do better on their own they are welcome to leave. When nobody takes him up, he tells them if they are going to stay it is no longer a democracy.

So, we are back to a small group of survivors again. Now they have no supplies and a limited amount of firepower. Might have been a smart idea to keep some stuff in each vehicle just in case. It’s interesting that the creators chose to keep both Andrea and Beth alive as they were the two suicidal ones before.

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All hell breaks loose on The Walking Dead season two finale. As Rick and Carl head back to the farm, legions of walkers initially following the sound of helicopters hear the gunshot and change direction. They are almost on top of the two before Rick realizes it. As soon as...