Another intense episode of The Walking Dead, with a surprise ending this week!

The group has a service for Dale. Then Andrea, Daryl, Shane and T-Dog head out to try to secure the perimeter of the property. When they come across a few walking dead feasting on a steer, they go after them with a vengeance.

Hershel finally grants permission to the group to move into the house, so they break camp, move the vehicles near the house and bring everything inside. Lori had initially planned on sleeping in a corner of the living room with Rick and Carl, but Hershel insists they move into his room since she is pregnant and has a family.

Rick plans to head out again to find a place to release the captive. He wants to take Daryl as his wingman and Shane isn’t happy with the idea. While he is alone with Daryl, he thanks him for shooting Dale and asks if he has a problem with his plan. Daryl replies that Rick shouldn’t do all the heavy lifting and there is no chance the two of them getting into a fight on the side of the road.

When Rick asks Andrea to keep an eye on Shane while he is away from the farm, she is taken aback. He explains that he doesn’t want things going to hell while he is gone and she tells him that maybe he needs to stop leaving. Good point, Andrea!

Carl approaches Shane to confide what happened with the walker he encountered the day before and gives him back Daryl’s gun. Wait did he go back for it, because I don’t recall him picking it up? Shane tells him Dale’s death wasn’t his fault and that he should keep the gun. However, Carl says he’s never picking up another gun again.

Lori approaches Shane while he is working on building a platform for a lookout to apologize for everything that has happened between the two of them, for putting him and Rick at odds with each other, etc. Nice gesture, but he is far too unstable for you to be telling him that you don’t even know who the baby-daddy is. Shane doesn’t say a word, but he is clearly moved by what Lori says.

Afterwards, Shane goes to Rick, tells him about his conversation with Carl and gives him Daryl’s gun. When Rick says he’ll get Lori to speak to Carl, Shane lays into him and says Carl needs his father and that he needs to stop putting the needs of a stranger in front of his own family. This prompts Rick to approach Carl in the barn. He gives him back Daryl’s gun, apologizes that he doesn’t get to have a normal childhood and tells him it is time to man-up.

Shane goes into the shed, sits down and stares at the blindfolded, duct-taped and handcuffed, Randall. Then he starts to have a meltdown, gets up and puts his gun to Randall’s head. When Randall whimpers, Shane pulls him forward and sees he has tried to work his hands out of the cuffs. He chuckles, because this has given him an idea. He frees Randall and takes him into the woods. When they are a distance from the house he removes the blindfold and duct-tape from his mouth to ask him where his people are, he has had enough of this group and is ready to take off. Randall tells him they had a camp about five miles out, but he doesn’t know if they are still there. If they are, Shane would fit in real well. They walk a little further, before Shane breaks his neck then takes a run at a tree and bashes his face in. Next he heads back to the farm.

Meanwhile, Rick and Daryl finish packing the truck and are almost ready to head out. So T-Dog goes to get the prisoner from the shed. He finds the lock on the door, but no prisoner inside. Instead, it’s just the bloody handcuffs still attached to the post. This way it looks like Randall was able to work his hands free of the cuffs. T-Dog alerts everyone and they inspect the shed to see how he could have escaped. Shane watches from the woods and buries his gun under some dirt and leafs. Then he starts yelling that the prisoner escaped, clocked him and got his gun as he makes his way toward the group. Rick orders everyone inside the house. He, Glenn, Daryl and Shane go on the hunt for the ‘escaped prisoner’.

Rick sends Glenn and Daryl in one direction and he and Shane go in another, after Shane confirms that Daryl isn’t able to do any tracking. They are out for an undetermined amount of time and night falls. Back at the farm, Carl stares out through the bedroom window.

After wandering around a bit, Daryl and Glenn start their search over. Daryl puts more effort into the tracking and sees both Shane and Randall’s tracks. He finds the blood on the tree, an area where a scuffle happened, etc. They are interrupted by a nearby zombie who comes at them. It is the zombie formally known as, Randall. Daryl and Glenn fumble in the dark to take him down. Glenn finally manages to crack him in the head with a weapon and Daryl examines the body. He notices his neck is broken, but there are no bites or scratches – just like the two zombies Rick and Shane encountered when they went to ditch Randall the first time.

Rick has been wisely walking behind Shane and asking him questions about his altercation with Randall, etc. They get to an open area and Rick has figured out Shane’s plan – eliminate Rick, insert self into his life again. Oh Rick, you don’t know how long he has wanted to do this! Rick puts his gun away and tells Shane he will have to shoot an unarmed man. He raises his hands in the air and tries to talk Shane down, telling him they can still come back from this. Shane comments on how even now, Rick is still not willing to fight for his family and takes aim with his gun. He wants Rick to draw on him, but Rick doesn’t take the bait. He reaches across his body with his other hand to pull the gun out of the holster and offers it to Shane as he moves closer. Finally, when the two are toe-to-toe, Rick pulls his knife and stabs him in the chest. Shane’s gun fires as he goes down. Rick curses him for forcing this to happen and making him kill him. As he is leaning over the body and weeping, Carl comes up on the scene. At the same time, dark images flash from Shane’s perspective as he transitions into a zombie. Rick moves over to Carl to try to explain what happened and Carl pulls the gun and raises it. Zombie Shane is up and shuffling behind Rick, while Rick is trying to tell Carl things aren’t how they seem. Carl concentrates really hard and shoots Zombie Shane in the head over Rick’s shoulder, before he can reach Rick. Holy crap! Rick looks back and sees his kid just dropped Zombie Shane, that he killed a short time ago. Wow, it’s actually a good thing that for once you didn’t listen and stay put in the house Carl! Nice shot, by the way!

The hordes of zombies nearby hear the second gunshot ring out and head in the direction of Carl, Rick and Zombie Shane’s corpse. That means it’s confirmed – becoming a zombie is a disease. It may not have started out that way, but it has now mutated into one. In other words, everyone who dies from now on, regardless as to if it’s from natural causes or a fleshy wound will come back as a zombie, unless they get shot in the head. If the humans weren’t in trouble by being outnumbered 10-1 before, they surely are now. Looks like we are going to be in for one hell of a finale!

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Another intense episode of The Walking Dead, with a surprise ending this week! The group has a service for Dale. Then Andrea, Daryl, Shane and T-Dog head out to try to secure the perimeter of the property. When they come across a few walking dead feasting on a steer, they...