This week the liars get clues dumped in their laps, but they have no idea what they are looking at.

Aria gets to know the new guy, Duncan and it turns out he actually knew Vivian/Alison quite well. In fact, he spent some time with Alison on the last weekend she was alive. He seemed quite surprised when Aria filled him in on the news that she was murdered and her body only found a year later. Aria agrees to meet him at the air field after he finds out she is dead and doesn’t feel comfortable discussing her at school. He is a pilot and used to take Alison flying often. Aria gets in a plane with him and he hands over the controls, while talking about how scared Alison used to be of somebody. He didn’t know who it was and the way he acts is as though he is trying to make sure it wasn’t Aria.

Jenna is back in Rosewood after having eye surgery on one of her eyes. Toby is also back in town and is leading Jenna around again. When Spencer tried to approach him about it, he blew her off.

Emily gets an email from Maya letting her know that she is okay, but she doesn’t want her to tell her parents anything. The email goes on for a bit about how much she admires Emily, etc. Emily considers if she should tell Maya’s parents that she heard from her, knowing they would want to know. Finally, she calls them and says she received an email from Maya.

Ezra not only decides he isn’t going to take the job that Byron put him up for, but he also calls Byron into his office to tell him face-to-face. He makes a really good point about never knowing if he took the job because it was a great career opportunity or because it was a good way to go away quietly. Byron tries to pretend he is all innocent about recommending Ezra for the job, but when Ezra tells him he turned it down he changes his tune pretty quickly and says he is making a mistake. When Byron goes home to vent to Ella, they get into a heated discussion after Ella tells him she knew about the offer and that she thinks his approach is going to push Aria into possibly running away.

Before Maya took off, she mentioned she had come across a bag of Alison’s stuff and passed it along to Jason. He decides to bring it to Spencer to look through and see if she can make sense of anything in it. When he drops it off at the Hastings’ house, Veronica is less than happy to see him. She asks if he just dropped by and when Spencer tells her, she invited him, she is not pleased. She believes that him being around is going to make life more complicated. Spencer explains that their lives are already complicated and secret-laden, but she is trying to make them less so. Spencer also confides about Jason finding the cash and thinking Alison blackmailed daddy Hastings to keep quiet about what she knew. In addition, she tells her about the stub she found for $15,000 and Veronica confirms not only that it was a private investigator, but also that she insisted on it because she was worried. So this brings us back to the possibility again that it was Melissa who killed Alison. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she is also “A”.

After going through the bag and not being able to find anything, Spencer drops it on Jason’s back porch. However, when Hanna comes over and sits on some old newspaper, Spencer realizes what is important is not the contents of the bag, but what everything is wrapped in. She asks Hanna to go and grab the bag, while she sifts through the garbage to pull out the old newspaper from before Alison died. Hanna reaches the back porch and sees Jenna trapped inside the smoke-filled house. She goes inside to grab Jenna and pull her out. Spencer notices the commotion and jumps in to help.

At the hospital, Jenna regains consciousness and is terrified. She tells Toby, she got a text from Jason to meet her at his place and when she arrived, somebody started a fire. She passed out from the fumes and that is the last thing she remembers. Toby tells her it was Hanna who pulled her out of the burning house. Jason arrives at the hospital and tells Aria that he was on his way out-of-town when he got a call about his house being on fire. So, it wasn’t him that texted Jenna to meet. Jenna asks Toby to call the liars into her room so she can confirm it was Hanna who saved her life. When she has a hard time saying thank you, Hanna tells her she is welcome.

The liars head back to Spencer’s place to have another look through the bag and highlighted newspaper articles in hopes of finding some clues. Meanwhile, “A” heads back to the scene of the crime—the burned DiLaurentis house, and plants a police badge. Clearly, the plan here is to frame somebody in the police force, but who? Is officer sketchy framing someone or is someone framing him?

Only two more episodes until we find out the identity of “A”!

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This week the liars get clues dumped in their laps, but they have no idea what they are looking at. Aria gets to know the new guy, Duncan and it turns out he actually knew Vivian/Alison quite well. In fact, he spent some time with Alison on the last weekend...