Melissa and Spencer discuss what she wanted to talk to Spencer about before. Turns out it was just that she wanted to tell Spencer she had a bad feeling about Ian’s death. *Gasp* What a revelation! Seriously, that’s all?! When Spencer asks her why she is spending time with officer sketchy and why she lied to her, she says that he has reached out and has been really nice since Ian died. He even offered to take her to her doctors appointments. As far as her lying, she said she needed to talk to somebody. Umm, hello you were on your way to meet Spencer at a bar to talk. Now, Melissa thinks she said to much to sketchy.

Hanna’s dad ditches the annual Father-Daughter-Dance, which prompts Ashley to ask if she wants Hanna to take her. Hanna scoffs at the idea and is clearly upset that her dad bailed, even though they haven’t exactly seen eye-to-eye. Wasn’t the whole idea of him moving his new family to Rosewood, to be closer to his first family? You’d think he wouldn’t let a little scheduling conflict get in the way of that, especially after his evil step-daughter’s latest attempt to screw Hanna over. Speaking of the evil wench, where is she? We haven’t seen her since the last scheme blew up in her face.

Emily’s dad comes into town and is very helpful with trying to track down missing Maya. They head to the bus station and an ex-serviceman blows Emily off when she tries to asks questions, but opens up when he finds out her dad is active. He recalls selling Maya a ticket to San Francisco, but he didn’t see her get on the bus. Instead she was outside talking to someone in a dark car one minute and the next minute she was gone. Later, daddy Fields tells Emily his is being deployed to Afghanistan and is flying out right after the dance. He anticipates being away for the next six months. And he just wanted to spend some time with Emily before hand, no matter what it was they were doing. Awww, he is so sweet! Unfortunately, Emily misses a call from Maya or at least her phone. When she calls back she reaches Maya’s Voice Mail and her mailbox is full.

Both Ella and Mike try to convince Aria that she should go to the dance with Byron, in spite of or because of everything that is happening. While looking for dresses, Byron comes into her room to tell her he wants to wear a matching tie to whatever she picks out. Yikes! She’s going, try and ease up on the cheese a little there Byron!

Spencer comes home to find a very expensive necklace on the counter from her dad. Melissa is there, also sees the necklace and comments on how their dad is trying to buy his way out of problems like he always does. He asks her to wear the necklace to the dance and she agrees. Later, he approaches her in her room to ask if she will join him on the tennis court. She declines the offer and when she realizes he will be out of the house, she takes the opportunity to go into his office and rifle around. She finds one locked drawer and his previous taxes in another, along with a stub that was made out to “cash” for the sum of $15,000. While she is processing what that means, there is movement in the house so she quickly scrambles to put everything away. Turns out it is Melissa and she just about catches Spencer. Spencer tries (badly) to cover up the fact that she was snooping and pretends she was just looking for a stamp. Melissa gives her an odd look as Spencer scampers away.

Det. Wilden calls Ashely at home to see if she made any progress with Hanna. She tells him no, and that he should never call her at home again before hanging up. She makes another effort to try and get answers from Hanna, but Hanna doesn’t give up any information. Later, she meets him in a parked car. He suggests that she get a hold of Hanna’s cell so he can find out who has been in contact with her. She refuses and that’s when Hanna and Mona walk out of somewhere and spot the two inside the vehicle. Seriously, you all couldn’t find a dark ally somewhere to meet? Hanna confronts Ashley about what she was doing with Det. Wilden, so Ashley tells her about the police report she found. Hanna continues to deny everything, so Ashley asks for her cell phone. When she insists, Hanna drops the phone into the dish water in the sink.

Hanna shows up at the dance and motions her friends over. She tells them that her mom is now hot on “A’s” trail and she doesn’t know what to do. Mona is part of the conversation and offers a suggestion. But first, she says she isn’t very good at lying so they’ll need someone who is to pull it off. When she asks who that might be, they all point to Aria. Aria tells Byron she needs to help out Hanna so she wants to go. He comments that he just saw Hanna and she looked fine to him. That’s when Aria sets him straight and tells him, she isn’t his little girl anymore and it’s time to leave. She heads over to Hanna’s house and tells Ashley she gave Hanna the police report, because they were worried about Hanna after she started shoplifting again, etc.

Spencer tells her dad the jig is up. She found the stub in his desk drawer and wants to head home. When they get there, he roots through his desk and finds the gun he had is missing. Spencer tells him the drawer was locked when she was in there earlier, so he calls the police and reports it. While he is on the phone she sees a file full of pictures of Alison. She brings the file into the kitchen to ask him about it and he tells her the money was to hire a PI and the photos were to help him track down Alison. Turns out he found out Melissa was threatening Alison and sending a lot of texts, so he was worried she might somehow be involved. The police arrive, so he sends Spencer to her room. Melissa walks in and asks what all the commotion is about. She fell asleep in the barn watching the TV she forgot she doesn’t own. This prompts Spencer to start looking at her strangely again. Before leaving, Melissa offers to have Spencer come stay at her place in the city if things get any weirder around there. Oh boy, that sounds like a hint that things are about to get even more strange!

Clearly, Ashley didn’t believe Aria’s story because she calls Ella over for a discussion about what’s going on with their daughters. Ella lets her know that she has also previously been contacted by this “A” person. As they compare notes, somebody watches them through the window.

Aria gets a call from Jonah and he gives a block radius as another location where the phone calls were coming from. The liars head to that location with no idea where to start, until they see  a store with creepy old dolls like the ones “A” previously sent them. Aria, who isn’t wearing a jacket gets chilly so Spencer gives her car keys and tells her there should be something in the trunk she can put on. She heads back to the car and pulls out Vivian/Alison’s red coat that they picked up from the dry cleaner and puts it on. A guy spots her from behind with the jacket on and calls out Vivian’s name. Aria turns around slowly and sees a stranger.

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Melissa and Spencer discuss what she wanted to talk to Spencer about before. Turns out it was just that she wanted to tell Spencer she had a bad feeling about Ian's death. *Gasp* What a revelation! Seriously, that's all?! When Spencer asks her why she is spending time with...