Rick and Shane drive to find somewhere suitable to drop Randall off. He is gagged, bound, blindfolded and has a headset taped to his ears with music playing, in the trunk of the car. Rick talks about how he hopes they get a really cold winter so that it kills off a good number of the walking dead. When he reaches a crossroads, he stops the car, gets out and tells Shane he wants to talk. Shane follows him and tells him there is nothing to talk about. As the two walk away from the car, Rick beats around the bush before getting to the heart of the matter — his family. Shane won’t even look at him when he goes there. Then Rick tells him how angry he was when he found out about him and Lori, but he moved past it. Now Shane needs to do the same. He has to know he isn’t in love with Lori and Rick expects him to let it go if he is going to get back in the car. As Rick heads back, Shane tells him that Lori and Carl actually saved him when he thought Rick was dead. The two return to the car and keep looking for a place. Rick gets a confession out of Shane about what really happened with Otis.

Back at the farm, Andrea and Lori get into an argument about how the situation should be handled with conscious and suicidal Beth. Andrea sympathizes with Beth, viewing the parallels between Beth losing her mom and Andrea losing her sister. Plus, Andrea doesn’t like the fact that Maggie and Beth are in the room fighting. Their difference of opinion digresses into personal attacks on each other and the conversation goes downhill from there. When Lori leaves, Andrea offers to be on suicide watch for Beth so that Maggie can get some food, rest and freshen up. Maggie takes the offer, leaves and Andrea pretty much tells Beth she isn’t going to watch over her and walks out through the other door. Uh-oh!

A short while later, they hear a crash and a scream. Lori goes running inside and sees Maggie trying to get Beth out of the locked bathroom. Lori grabs a fireplace poker and uses it to pry the door handle off. They find Beth inside with a bloody wrist, surrounded by broken mirror shards, crying and apologizing. Lori and Maggie head onto the porch while Hershel stitches up Beth. Andrea comes running over and asks what happened. When they bring her up to speed, she replies that it means Beth wants to live. Maggie is livid with Andrea and tells her she wants her out of her face and she is never to set foot in the house again. Andrea nods and walks away. Lori tells Maggie that although Andrea’s methods weren’t the best, she did prove that Beth wants to live. I agree, it wasn’t Andrea’s place to do it, but she was able to at least let Beth really chose whether she truly wanted to live or die. Also, Lori should have gone after Andrea to tell her what she told Maggie.

Rick stops driving when he comes across a public works yard. They park the car and see a couple of walkers dressed in law uniform. He suggests they should start conserving bullets and start using knives if they are only dealing with one at a time. Then he shows Shane how to go about it. Shane observes that neither of the zombies had any bites. Yikes, if the virus has somehow gone airborne I shudder to think about chances of survival.

After eliminating the walkers, they scout the rest of the property. Deeming it safe, they pull Randall out of the trunk and remove everything but the ropes around his hands and legs. They start to walk away and drop a knife for him within a short distance. He begs for his life and promises he isn’t anything like the other guys. Then he tells them he went to school with Maggie. This stops both in their tracks, because if he knows her that changes things. He might know where the farmhouse actually is. When they question him about how well he knows Maggie, he says they went to school together, but she didn’t know who he was. Shane pulls his gun and Rick ruins his shot. That’s when Shane loses it and tells Rick he cannot protect his family. Rick goes to punch Shane and it is a knock-down, drag-out, full-on fight. Both give as good as they get. Not satisfied with the beating he has received so far, Shane picks up a pipe wrench to throw at Rick. Rick ducks it and it shatters a window in the building behind him. Nice job Shane – breaking the glass awakens a whole bunch of walking dead inside.

Next thing you know, Rick and Shane are each running for their lives. The majority of the walkers are hot on Shane’s trail because he was visible through the window. While Rick and Shane are either fighting or running, Randall gets out of his ropes and takes down his own walker.  Shane gets into a school bus and is surrounded. Rick and Randall don’t have any around them, so Randall suggests they make a break for it and that Shane brought it on himself. They make a run for the car as Shane stabs the walkers one by one until he loses his knife. Rick stops by the two uniforms and strips them of their guns and ammo. Then he has a nostalgic moment about him and Shane in uniform and decides to save Shane. While Randall drives, Rick hangs out the car shooting and tells Shane to go for the back door of the school bus. He does and jumps out of the bus and into the car.

They stop the car a ways away so they can gag and bind Randall again and shove him back in the trunk. This time he has to share it with some fuel they salvaged. Rick tells Shane he knows he will probably have to kill Randall, but he at least wants to be able to sleep on it. He gives him a gun and tells him, he wants the old Shane back.

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Rick and Shane drive to find somewhere suitable to drop Randall off. He is gagged, bound, blindfolded and has a headset taped to his ears with music playing, in the trunk of the car. Rick talks about how he hopes they get a really cold winter so that it...