This week on Pretty Little Liars, we find out that Melissa isn’t as innocent as she once seemed.

With cash in hand, Aria “The Face” and Spencer “The Money” meet Jonah “The Phone Guy”. They exchange the cash for an address he has written on a piece of paper. When they question him, he says that was all he was able to get, it was enough for their friend and leaves. Aria and Spencer are about to head over there, when they see Officer Sketchy lurking in his car on the street.

Mona reveals to Hanna that she has been getting texts from “A” threatening that she return the necklace she stole or she will end up like Hanna. But there isn’t any chance of Ashley getting her out of jail, so she’d have to do time. Things escalate when Mona gets a copy of the police report from when Hanna was arrested. She has until 10 a.m. the next morning to turn herself in. Hanna approaches Mona the following morning and says she understands what Mona did and isn’t mad. The thing is, Mona actually did turn herself in to save Hanna and Ashley. Okay, she has totally earned her place with the rest of the liars with all the stuff she has done recently.

Spencer tells Melissa about Jason being their brother. As the two discuss it, Spencer tells her she thinks Alison knew. There really isn’t a big reaction from Melissa at the mention of Alison. She simply asks what makes Spencer think so. She also asks if Spencer has told anybody else. When Spencer says no, Melissa tells her she prefers to keep it that way.

Emily is still frantically trying to get in touch with Maya, who still hasn’t returned any of her calls. Paige is suddenly back at school again and asks Emily to come with her to do some fundraising. After the two return with a couple of donations in hand, Paige confesses that she came out to her parents. Her only regret is that she didn’t do it sooner. Emily is very supportive and excited that she finally did it. Later, when the two run into each other and Paige sees Emily is upset she hugs her aaaaand then she tries to kiss her. Whoa! Pump the brakes!

Everyone gathers at Spencer’s house so Hanna can confess what happened with her shoplifting situation the year before and that “A” is holding it over Mona now so she’ll do her bidding. She gets a text from Caleb telling her to check the email attachment he just sent right away. They open it up and there is more video footage. At the end, Melissa barges in the room asking where “she” is. There is panic and talk of going to the police, but Spencer wants a chance to speak to Melissa first.

As Spencer waits for Melissa in a bar that isn’t the Grill, Wren shows up for a drink. She orders coffee but sneaks shots off the servers’ tray. Wren asks if he can join her, but Spencer tells him she is waiting for Melissa so it probably wouldn’t be a good idea. She spots Melissa heading to the door and gets up to meet her, when suddenly Officer Sketchy shows up and honks his horn. Melissa gets into the car and drives off with him instead. Then she texts Spencer to tell her she’s been held up at school. Spencer and Wren have a drink or several together after that and she ends up at his place. She’s clearly drunk and comes on to him. But he decides he isn’t going to take advantage of her.

Meanwhile, Aria, Emily and Hanna head over to the address on the piece of paper. There is a large fence surrounding a run-down property, with a law firm sign still on the house. As Aria and Emily try to figure out how to get into the property through the mass of chains on the gate, Hanna opens it from the other side. *Snicker*. When did Hanna get so smart? They walk up to the porch and there is a wad of mail sticking out of the slot. Aria comes face-to-face with an old man through a window pane. They both scream and she takes a tumble off the porch. The venture is almost a bust, except they were able to steal a piece of junk mail with the law firms’ name and address.

While tidying up the kitchen counter, Ashley finds Hanna’s police report amongst her things. She marches down to the police station, tosses the report on Det. Wilden’s desk and asks why he is harassing Hanna. He quickly gets up, closes the door and tells her he could get fired if anybody saw that report. So there is no way he gave it to Hanna. Ashley heads back home and finds Hanna cleaning her room. She doesn’t tell her where she went, and notices the junk mail on Hanna’s bed. Hanna lies and says it was accidentally delivered there. Ashley thinks its strange considering it is the same lawyer she used to get her divorce finalized. She went with them because Melissa was an intern there that summer.

Ezra and Aria have a secret meeting in a car, somewhere. He tells her that he hasn’t turned down the position yet and is considering it. The meeting ends in tears and she heads home. As Ella passes her room, she sees her crying in bed. When she asks her what’s going on, Aria tells her that her father should be happy that he is getting his way and Ezra is leaving town. This is news to Ella, who tries to process what’s happening and Aria storms off. Later, Ezra and Aria are talking at his place when there is a knock at the door. It’s Ella and she knows Byron’s heavy-handed approach is driving Aria away, so she wants to talk.

Melissa shows up at home and Spencer is sitting in the kitchen re-watching the video Caleb emailed. Spencer asks her what happened to her, she’s called a dozen times and she knows Melissa took off with Officer Sketchy the night before. Melissa tells her she needs to talk, but doesn’t want to do it in the house when their parents can come home any time. Okay, that’s not suspicious at all. Spencer does have a bedroom with a door that can be closed. Melissa says she wants to tell her about that thing she tried to tell her about before. Spencer stares at her open-mouthed. She finally agrees to go and leaves her cell phone behind.

“A” squeezes off five rounds right in the chest of the target at the shooting range. That’s just great. As if “A” wasn’t dangerous before, now we find out it has excellent marksmanship skills.

Now that the parents are starting to get involved, the liars might have a chance of figuring out who “A” really is once and for all. The question that still remains unanswered though, is “A” the same person who killed Alison?

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This week on Pretty Little Liars, we find out that Melissa isn't as innocent as she once seemed. With cash in hand, Aria 'The Face' and Spencer 'The Money' meet Jonah 'The Phone Guy'. They exchange the cash for an address he has written on a piece of paper. When...