There is a good deal more gunfire in this episode of The Walking Dead than we have seen in a while.

After taking a moment to catch their breath, Rick, Glenn and Hershel prepare to head back to the farm. When they get to the front door, a vehicle arrives.

They overhear a few guys get out of the vehicle and discuss where they think the gunshots came from. Rick, Glenn and Hershel don’t know how many there are so they crouch down and wait in hopes the other guys will leave. Once the guys finish searching the rest of the town they head to the bar. In a panic, Glenn moves in front of the door to block it. The guys on the exterior call out and Rick tells them that their friends drew on them. He admits they are dead and tries to talk the others into leaving, but they start shooting. There is a shoot-out and Rick tries to cover the front so Glenn and Hershel can get to the back door and bring the car around. Hershel makes it as far as the back doorway and Glenn gets stuck in the middle of the bar. When the shooting subsides, Glenn makes it out into the back room. He sees the doorknob moving and shoots the window out. Rick instructs Hershel to cover Glenn so he can get to the car and he does. Hershel shows he can shoot when he hits one of the guys in the chest. The guy isn’t dead however, and writhes in agony. One of the other guys had taken point on top of a roof and shoots at Glenn as he tries to run for the car. The third guy pulls up in a truck and tells the guy on the roof to jump. They need to get out of the town that is overrun by walkers. Roof guy jumps, but doesn’t make it to the truck because his leg gets impaled on a fence. The guy in the truck takes off. Rick, Glenn and Hershel head to their car but won’t leave the impaled guy because he isn’t dead. There are a few tense moments as Hershel contemplates amputating his leg while Rick and Glenn fire at a crowd of walkers descending on them from different directions. Finally, they decide they are out of time so Rick rips his leg free from the pointy fence. I don’t see why somebody didn’t tear the guy’s leg free in the first place. They wasted precious time and bullets thinking Hershel (or anybody) could perform surgery under those conditions. And he had already told them the leg would be damaged no matter what.

Lori is unconscious in her upside down car and a walker is trying to force its way through the smashed front window. She regains consciousness and sees what’s going on. She struggles to try to get out the back, but the walker with no face left grabs hold of her hair. There is a tussle between the two before she is able to break off the indicator and stab it in the eye socket. She gets out of the car and takes a breather, when another walker comes at her. Grabbing a discarded hubcap, she bashes it in the head but that sucker isn’t done. No sir! Lori looks around frantically and finds her gun. She picks it up and aims it just in time to shoot the walker in the head at close range.

Beth is still in shock and laid out in bed, while everybody except Daryl sits down to dinner. Carl is worried about his dad, but Shane assures him if he isn’t back in the morning they will go looking for him. Suddenly they realize that Lori is nowhere to be found and everybody starts to panic. Carol heads out to camp and talks to Daryl. He admits she came by earlier asking him to head into town, so she must have gone herself. Carol tells the rest of the group and Shane gets into his car with a loaded gun and takes off. Since when does everybody sit down to eat at the same time? I thought there was always one person on top of the camper watching out.

Shane finds the car wreckage and no Lori. So he gets back in his car and finds her walking down the highway toward town. She is banged up, but still determined to find Rick. Shane lies and tells her that Rick is back at the farm so she’ll come back with him. When they get back to the farm and there is no Rick, she isn’t happy that he lied to her again. Shane spills the beans about her being pregnant in front of everybody and Carl pipes up and asks why she didn’t tell him. They go inside to sit down and she explains that they were just waiting for the right time. Carl innocently asks if they can name the baby Sophia if it is a girl. Dale and Andrea are with the two when Shane interrupts and says he wants a word with Lori. Andrea suggests he give her some time, but when Shane presses, Lori says its okay and everyone clears the room. During their talk Lori tells him that she told Rick what happened between them. Shane gets scary again with his suggestions that Lori and Carl are his family and there was always something between the two of them. Yikes!

Carol heads back out to keep an eye on Daryl. He tries to push her away by yelling terrible things at her and saying she failed with her daughter. She stands there and takes it, knowing he needs to vent. When it looks like he is going to hit her, she flinches. I really hope if these two get involved that she doesn’t become a doormat like she was with her deceased husband!

The next morning, Rick, Hershel and Glenn return with the other guy they pulled off of the fence. Everybody gets out of the car, but he is blindfolded and looks semi-conscious in the back seat. The group has a meeting in the dining room, where Rick tells them what happened and they all debate what to do next. As usual, Shane blows up and tells them the idea to let him go somewhere with a canteen of water is a bad idea. As he is stomping off, Hershel tells him that Rick convinced him to let Shane stay so at least he can shut up.

Andrea approaches Shane afterwards and tells him that he has the right idea, but a terrible approach. The way he goes about it is all wrong. She gets where he is coming from, but he has to learn to share his ideas without exploding. He mentions that he should have taken off with her when he could have. Newsflash man, nobody is begging you to stay!

While Lori and Rick are getting undressed in their tent, Lori tells Rick about her concerns with Shane — that he thinks they belong to him, the baby is his (either way the baby is Rick’s), he probably killed Otis and is dangerous. Rick seems to be taking her grievances too lightly, so she tries really hard to make sure he gets the point and tells Rick that Shane says he cannot protect his family. We actually see a new spark in Rick when he admits that he killed both living and dead to get back to them.

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There is a good deal more gunfire in this episode of The Walking Dead than we have seen in a while. After taking a moment to catch their breath, Rick, Glenn and Hershel prepare to head back to the farm. When they get to the front door, a vehicle arrives. They...