Elena still doesn’t get that humans and vampires don’t play by the same rules, which causes a terrible chain of events.

Elena feels remorse for going along with Esther’s plan knowing that Elijah will also be killed if it is successful. She tries to talk to Stefan, but he ignores her call. Then she calls Damon, who picks up the phone while still in bed with Rebekah. He blows her off, so she gets dressed and heads over to casa Salvatore. There she runs into Rebekah doing the walk of shame out the door. She shares her concern with Damon who is ecstatic that they have found a way to kill Klaus—the rest is just collateral damage. Then she heads over to Bonnie’s and Bonnie tries to learn the privacy spell that Esther did the night before, but it isn’t working. When Elena finishes venting about Damon, Bonnie tells her she and Abby were contacted by Esther. She wanted to meet them and needs to include them both in the next phase of her plan. That is to harness the power of the moon when it as at its peak and do a spell to reverse the immortality she has given her children. She needs to channel the energy of two generations of Bennett’s.

Kol teases Rebekah when she returns home after having been out all night. Then he whines to Klaus that he is bored and he wants Klaus to take him out. Klaus reluctantly puts aside his drawing and agrees to take him drinking. They head to The Grill where they run into Alaric and Dr. Fell.

Elijah asks Rebekah if she noticed anything different about Esther. Rebekah expects any odd behavior is a residual of having been dead for 1000 years. Not convinced, Elijah shows up at Elena’s door and asks her to go somewhere with him so he can show her something. She agrees, he takes her out into the woods and shows her where he grew up. Then he explains there is a cavern below where they are standing that his family used to see refuge in on a full moon. Finally, he gets to the point and tells her he knows she lied to his face at the ball. She tries to deny it and he calls her out for lying again. That’s when she confesses the truth and says she wishes there was something she could do. Elijah takes advantage of that and breaks the ground beneath their feet, so they drop into the cavern below. He takes off and leaves her trapped in the cavern without cell service.

Having realized that Elena may do something foolish to mess with Esther’s plan, Damon calls around looking for her and speaks to Alaric at The Grill. He is up-to-speed on Damon’s latest tryst, but doesn’t know where Elena is.

Stefan returns from searching for Elena to find Elijah in the middle of telling Damon that he has her. He explains that they have to kill one of the Bennett’s and sever the energy that Esther needs to channel before the moon is at its highest or he will have Rebekah do whatever she wants to Elena. It has to be one of the Salvatore’s, because they would see him coming a mile away. Whereas, there is a fragile trust between the Salvatore’s and the Bennett’s so they wouldn’t see it coming. Elijah leaves and tells them Rebekah can’t wait to get her hands on Elena, so they have no choice if they don’t want to see any harm come to her.

The Salvatore boys decide they don’t like the ultimatum, so they hatch another plan that involves stabbing one of the Originals with a dagger. They call Alaric to help out and he is game. Caroline distracts Klaus and pulls him outside The Grill. It’s only a matter of time before Kol hits on Dr. Fell. When he gets aggressive, Alaric daggers him. Rebekah drops to the cavern floor and Elena runs. Klaus only gets chest pains and asks Caroline what she did. Meanwhile, Alaric drags Kol outside The Grill and the Salvatore’s show up. They aren’t fast enough making Kol disappear, so Klaus figures it out, finds them behind the bar and tosses everyone like rag dolls. Being the only human, Alaric gets hurt the worst. As Klaus is going after Damon, Elijah shows up, intervenes and fills him in on mother’s plan.

While Rebekah was down from the chain-daggering, Elena managed to make it into the part of the cave which is the vampire free zone. That’s okay, because Rebekah ran off to get a can of gasoline and some matches. She brings them back and douses both Elena and the cave with gas. Then she lights the match and tosses it in. The area around Elena starts to burn. Oh wait, no it doesn’t. When we come back from a commercial break, there are no more flames. Suddenly Elena tells Rebekah she isn’t going to kill her because there is a chance that she might still be alive tomorrow, she is pissed off because Elena hurt her feelings, blah, blah blah. That’s great, now can somebody tell me which one of them mysteriously has the power to stop a fire after it already started??

Esther, her eldest son and the Bennett’s are outside the witch house. A pentagram has been drawn inside a circle, and five torches lit to represent the life of each of her children. She fills them in on what will happen and the party gets broken up by Klaus, Elijah and Kol. Abby and Bonnie run inside the house for protection as Esther faces off against her children. The eldest is able to be in the circle with her, while a protective barrier prevents the others from entering. Bonnie made it into the basement of the house and comes face-to-face with Stefan, who tells her what’s going on. Abby is stopped by Damon, who turns her into a vampire. The torches flicker and Esther thinks her sisters have forsaken her. There is a burst of flame and both her and the eldest son disappear from inside the circle.

Rebekah releases Elena with details about what has been done to save her life. Elena heads over to Bonnie’s and Caroline stops her from going in. She gives her a speech about how much Bonnie is lost, how much she is hurting and how difficult it’s going to be for her while Abby transitions. I understand Caroline’s speech, but Elena has lost just as much. It would have been more effective if Caroline bitch-slapped her for feeling guilty about the very undead who had previously screwed her over, causing her to lose her aunt. And now caused Bonnie to lose her mother.

Dr. Fell takes Alaric back to her place. She examines him and although he doesn’t have a concussion, he possibly has a broken rib or two. He wakes up on her sofa in the middle of the night and wanders around her apartment. She is asleep in bed. So he goes into the kitchen and finds what looks like painkillers on the counter. He pops them, turns and sees a bunch of files on her table. He sifts through the files then through her bag and finds the weapon people have been getting stabbed with. That’s when Dr. Jekyll/Ms. Hyde shows up sporting gun and tells him he wasn’t supposed to see that. Then a gunshot rings out. Yikes! I’m still trying to figure out how she had an alibi for the night Bill was attacked.

Remaining members of the Original family scatter, with the exception of Klaus who is too busy burning the drawings he did of Caroline earlier. And Rebekah, who tells Klaus that even though she was angry at him for killing their mother, he is the only one who never left her. That’s when she pulls out Elena’s cell that she had taken earlier to record videos of Elena. She shows Klaus the cave drawings on the walls in the background. Of particular interest is the one that illustrates the white oak tree that can kill them, has grown again.

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Elena still doesn't get that humans and vampires don't play by the same rules, which causes a terrible chain of events. Elena feels remorse for going along with Esther's plan knowing that Elijah will also be killed if it is successful. She tries to talk to Stefan, but he ignores...