“A” shows that nobody is safe from its’ wrath, when it targets Caleb this week on Pretty Little Liars.

Emily is back on the swim team and they won a big meet. However, the celebrations at school are cut short when Officer Sketchy shows up with a warrant for Caleb’s computer. He claims someone has been hacking into restricted files and it has been traced back to Caleb’s IP address. This is obviously a set-up by “A”, who immediately texts the liars to let them know Caleb is now on the hit list. Sketchy takes the laptop, but Caleb smartly refuses to give up his log-in information.

Spencer still hasn’t told her friends about her new family situation. Instead, she has been avoiding going home and has slept at Aria’s house for the past week. She goes looking for Jason and sees him chatting with Mia across the street from his office. He wants to know if she has spoken to daddy yet. She tells him she hasn’t and she only wants to talk to him. They sit down and she asks why he came back to Rosewood. Jason mentions some letters from their dad to his mom he found hidden among Alison’s belongings, along with $15,000 in cash. They both presume that means Alison blackmailed daddy Hastings about what she knew and stashed the money.

While Hanna is flipping out about Caleb’s laptop being confiscated, he remains very calm and assures her there is no way they will be able to crack into it. Hanna tells him that the same person whose phone he hacked, is the one who set him up and that person most definitely got into his system and planted something incriminating. She suggests he log in and try to find out what it is. They sit down at one of the computers in the school computer lab and he shows her his username and password. However, he can’t currently get access. He tries to explain that it needs to be online, there are wi-fi discussions, etc. Hanna appears to have followed what he said. Mostly.

Aria meets voice mail guy at a diner, while the other liars sit at the table behind her and keep an eye on everything. He reveals that Vivian owes him money – $2,000 for some information he found out about somebody who had been threatening her. Apparently he is a ‘phone guy’. At some point randomly during the conversation he asks Aria if she is Allison. She doesn’t answer the question and just asks him what he knows in return. He gives her another number to call him at when she is ready to do business and tells her to never call the other one again because his girlfriend is pissed off. They all look at Spencer for the money, but her accounts have been frozen since she was arrested.

Byron continues to have suspicions about Aria and asks Ella why Aria and Holden don’t ever hang out in town, instead of having to drive them to Philadelphia all the time. She suggests that maybe it’s time they just let her take the train out there and they wouldn’t have to drive them back and forth anymore. He says no way! Later his suspicions are piqued even more when he finds an anonymous note on his car telling him where his daughter will be that night. While Aria is getting ready to go out with Holden, Byron rapid-fire questions her. Ella comes along, so the interrogation stops. She tells Aria, Holden’s parents are concerned with him spending so much time away from home. Aria pretty much gives Ella the same reasons Ella gave to Byron earlier, as to why they don’t hang out in Rosewood. Then Ella mentions they are protective because of his heart condition. What? That, just after Holden finally confided in Aria earlier that he is involved in martial arts after his parents forbid him from doing it. He has a big competition coming up, so he has to go. Instead of meeting Ezra at the designated restaurant, Aria follows Holden and watches him compete. She texts Ezra to apologize for cancelling just before he was going to head into the restaurant. As he turns around, he sees Byron inside. Not convinced that it is enough proof when Aria doesn’t show up at the restaurant, Byron calls Aria and tells her he wants to speak to Holden. He makes up some lame excuse and hangs up. Okay Byron, now you are starting to look paranoid!

Det. Wilden shows Officer Sketchy a photo as he talks about the missing pages of Alison’s autopsy report. Then he calls Ashley and Hanna into the police station, while they are making preparations for Emily’s celebration party. He shows them the same image, which is of the four liars outside of the morgue dressed as candy stripers. The photo was taken by a security camera. Hanna doesn’t answer any of Det. Wilden’s questions.

Spencer heads home and runs into daddy Hastings. They discuss what happened between him and Jason’s mom. When she asks him about Alison blackmailing him, he claims it didn’t happen. She meets up with Jason to tell him the money came from elsewhere, but he doesn’t want to hear it and storms off. Later, he visits Spencer after daddy Hastings has left and admits he didn’t want to believe the money could have come from somewhere else. It just complicates things even more. Spencer tells him she might be able to figure out what’s going on, but he’ll need to trust her because she needs $2,000.

Caleb calls Hanna from the police station and tells her he needs her help. He gives her a hint from their earlier conversation; that he is in a “hot spot”. She gets it and calls Spencer over to help her “hack” into Caleb’s computer. The problem is she has some difficulty remembering his complicated password. At the same time, Det. Wilden stands over his shoulder while he takes his time logging in. Then he makes Caleb step away from the computer, while he goes through his folders. Hanna finally remembers the rest of the password and she and Spencer get in. They also scan through the folders and notice one called “Hefty”. Sure enough there is a lot of incriminating information inside. They managed to delete the contents just as Det. Wilden discovers it. Nice job with the suspense on that one. Things really could have gone either way, since this show isn’t known for its character sympathy.

Emily and Maya have a rough night when Maya confides that her parents found a super, old joint with her stuff so they want to ship her off again. Emily states that won’t/can’t happen and she will stand up to Maya’s parents with her. Maya is upset at the party and avoids the swim team. The two get into an argument when Emily finds her outside lighting up. That means Maya totally lied about not doing drugs anymore and Emily isn’t happy. Then Maya suggests they take off to San Francisco, Emily says she can’t go and Maya storms off.

Aside from the fact that clearly there are no happy couples allowed in this show for more than an episode, we have learned that “A” is not only technologically savvy, but he/she worked or works at a/the phone company. So it is able to hack into phones and monitor all conversations. That would explain why it is able to be in so many place at the same time. Follow the conversation, then you know where to be next.

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'A' shows that nobody is safe from its' wrath, when it targets Caleb this week on Pretty Little Liars. Emily is back on the swim team and they won a big meet. However, the celebrations at school are cut short when Officer Sketchy shows up with a warrant for Caleb's...