Elena and Matt leave the hospital after visiting Alaric and someone is creeping in the shadows watching them. They each get into their respective vehicles and Matt leaves without incident. However, there is suddenly someone or something behind Elena’s vehicle that she ‘hit’. She gets out to explore and nobody is there, but Rebekah is behind her. She throws Elena against the car and tells her she isn’t happy about being stabbed in the back. Elijah pops in to stop any killing, maiming or torturing before it begins.

Elena is interrupted by a knock on the door while bringing Stefan and Damon up-to-date on recent events courtesy of Elijah. Somebody left an invitation to a formal ball at Klaus’s mansion. On the back of the invitation is a note from Esther, stating she would like to meet Elena face-to-face. Damon and Stefan argue over who she should go with, so Elena lies and says she isn’t attending.

As Elena and Caroline chat about the ball at the Grill, Rebekah shows up with an invitation for Matt. That’s enough encouragement for Caroline to agree to also attend.

Caroline checks her V/M and there is a message from Tyler, letting her know he loves her and he wants to try to get things under control before coming back to town. When she heads into her bedroom, there is a package from Klaus with a dress inside and an invitation to the ball.

As Damon is chatting with Carol Lockwood, one of the youngest Originals comes over and introduces himself. When Damon offers his hand, he snubs him.

Elena arrives in an amazing dress, both the Salvatore brothers stop their conversations, take notice and blink over to her side. She takes both their arms and is led into the ball. Okay, when did she have time to shop for a proper ball gown?

Meanwhile, Caroline is going through her closet having difficulty finding something to wear. She finally gives in and goes with the gown Klaus sent over. As soon as she arrives, Klaus ditches the other woman he was speaking to and heads over to Caroline.

Another of the Original brothers introduces himself to Elena and lets her know she needs to meet with his mother, alone. Damon is acting overprotective and won’t let her do it, so Elena approaches Stefan to take care of Damon and give her a chance to slip away. They lure Damon into one of the rooms and Stefan breaks his neck. While Elena is on route to meet Esther, she is stopped by Elijah, who mentions he isn’t buying the idea that his mother completely forgives Klaus and all is well. He asks Elena to update him after the meeting and she agrees.

Esther prepares the room she is meeting Elena in for private conversation by casting a spell and burning some sage. Makes sense in a house full of vampyre. Elena peppers her with questions about how she can be alive and well-preserved. Turns out her best friend, also a witch and one Bennett ancestors cast a spell to preserve her body 1,000 years ago. She has been returned both with the help of the witches on the other side and the living Bennett family to set the wrongs right and eliminate the abomination that is her children. All Elena needs to do is provide her with some doppleganger blood for the spell. Then she will set plans in motion to bind all of her children. That means if one dies, they all die. Knowing Klaus’s track record for killing his family that’s probably the best plan.

The snotty youngest male Original asks why Rebekah would invite a human to the ball. She confesses that since she can’t kill Elena, she’s going to kill him to hurt Elena. The thing is, since they promised mummy no violence at the party the deed must be done outside. Snotty boy agrees to help and Rebekah lures Matt outside. As the two are walking, Matt realizes it’s a bit chilly so he stops at his truck and pulls a jacket out. In a very sweet gesture, he puts the jacket over Rebekah’s shoulders instead of on himself. She reminds him that she is a vampyre so she doesn’t get chilled. He looks all doe-eyed and sweet and shrugs. Her brother is lurking in the shadows waiting to kill Matt. Rebekah changes her mind and brings him back inside.

When Damon comes back from his broken neck, he is pissed that Stefan not only attacked him, but let Elena meet with Esther alone. Stefan tells him, “you’ve lost the mission bro”. Well not exactly like that, but anyway… It’s what Elena wanted. Damon storms off to find Elena.

Elena is stopped by Elijah who wants to know how the conversation went with Esther and if she can be trusted. Elena lies to him so he will drink the Champaign spiked with her blood. Esther proposes a toast and they all drink. Phase one compete.

Snotty brother finds Rebekah and she tells him the plan is off. He doesn’t like it so he sneaks up on Matt when is alone upstairs. He extends his hand to shake Matt’s and crushes it. Damon stumbles upon this and clocks snotty boy. Then he pushes him off the balcony and jumps over to pummel him. Stefan and some other party goers rush outside to see the commotion and Damon takes off.

Klaus expresses his interest in Caroline. She shuts him down by telling him she is with Tyler. When he takes a cheap shot at why Tyler isn’t there, she totally calls him out about his daddy issues and need to control people instead of actually taking the time to get to know them, then leaves.

When the party breaks up, Esther goes through with the next phase of her plan. She shows some remorse about having to link Elijah because he is the only one of them with a sense of decency. The eldest brother knows her plan and goes along with it. He even provides some blood to seal the deal.

Caroline finds a gift-wrapped drawing of her and the horse she was visiting earlier, along with a note from Klaus thanking her for her honesty. Can’t help but wonder if he would still be thankful if it wasn’t someone he “fancied” that was brutally honest.

Rebekah finds Matt sulking at the Grill. He has a few broken fingers and no insurance, so he really isn’t in the mood for chit-chat. He tells her to stay away from him.

Damon smoothly, slides over with a bottle and pours shots for him and Rebekah. He tells her she should look for someone her own speed. There is no way Matt would have been able to handle her. All his flirting finally pays off and he and Rebekah have a steamy supernatural hook-up! This might be the first time we have ever seen vampire/vampire action and it was well worth the wait!

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Elena and Matt leave the hospital after visiting Alaric and someone is creeping in the shadows watching them. They each get into their respective vehicles and Matt leaves without incident. However, there is suddenly someone or something behind Elena's vehicle that she 'hit'. She gets out to explore and...