The Vampire Diaries is back after a week away and the sealed coffin is finally opened!

Sheriff Forbes stops by to let Elena know the dagger that was used to stake the human actually has only one set of prints and they are Elena’s. The stake itself looks like one that has come from Alaric’s stash.

Elena and Caroline find daddy Forbes and he has been stabbed and his throat slit, while he was trying to leave the hospital. Looks like the killer has struck again and is trying to frame Elena for some reason. I think this removes our new doctor friend from the suspect list, because she actually gave Bill, Damon’s blood to try to save his life in the first place. In the first instance when it was the human medical examiner, it looked a lot more suspicious because of the fight she had with him prior to his death. This time, it doesn’t seem to add up. Naturally, after Bill regains consciousness, he doesn’t know who jumped and stabbed him, nor does he want to finish the transition to vampire.

Matt walks Elena home after spending the evening comforting Caroline. When they arrive, the power is out and there’s a trail of bloody prints throughout the house. The prints lead to Alaric laying in a pool of blood. He regains consciousness long enough to tell her to kill him. She agrees, knowing the only chance he has to cheat death is to be killed by a supernatural. Sheriff Forbes later confirms that Dr. Fell was in surgery all day, so it couldn’t have been her that was responsible for attacking Alaric. Poor Elena, has lost every member of her family and now someone is trying to not only frame her for killing people, but almost also manages to kill the only person that remotely resembles family!

Elijah doesn’t waste any time letting Klaus know he remembers being deceived and daggered by him. The two fight for a few minutes, before Klaus stops it and tells Elijah he wants him to pledge his allegiance.

Damon had slipped a note in Elijah’s jacket to let him know it was him who removed the dagger from his chest. The two meet and arrange a sit down for four; Damon, Stefan, Klaus and Elijah.

Stefan drags Abby to help Bonnie figure out how to open the one coffin that they now have. The coffin is being hidden in the secret vampire-forbidden cave. Abby continues to object, saying she doesn’t have powers any longer, blah, blah, blah. Stefan basically tells her to figure it out.

Damon, Stefan, Klaus and Elijah sit down for dinner despite the fact that Stefan really doesn’t want to. Damon’s plan is to make a fake truce, buying the witches some time to open the coffin and find out who is inside. They show up for the dinner and Stefan makes it clear from the start that he isn’t happy to be there. During the dinner when the discussion turns to Elena, Klaus reveals that he and Elijah were actually also both in love with the same woman. Her name was Tattia and she was the originator of the Patrova family line. It was her blood that their mother made them drink the night they became vampyre.

They start to talk terms and Damon proposes Klaus and his entire family leave Stefan, Elena and himself to live in peace in Mystic Falls. Klaus says, no deal. He thinks the Salvatore brothers are the worst thing for Elena = ensuring his hybrid army can continue to be produced. One day, when she starts to grow older they may decide they cannot live without her and if they turn her into a vampire, that is the end of his blood supply.

Dinner takes an interesting turn when all the other members of Klaus’s family awaken. Elijah finally stopped believing Klaus’s lies and removed the daggers. Each takes a shot at him. Then they decide the best action is to leave him alone. Rebekah wants to kill the doppleganger to ensure he is completely alone. I’m sure that’s part of it. The other part is probably because she is pissed that Elena literally stabbed her in the back and made her miss prom.

Bonnie and Abby have a heart-to-heart. Abby won’t open herself up to the witch power, which in turn is causing some difficulty making the spell work. Bonnie tells her to help her now. She knows that is the reason she was dreaming about finding her, so now is the time to step up. Abby finally does and they get the final coffin open. Damon and Stefan, en route from the dinner party stop by to check on Abby and Bonnie. They find them both alive, but unconscious and the coffin open.

It turns out it is actually Elijah, Klaus and the rest of the originals’ mother that was in the coffin. She shows up at the family reunion and the moment we have been waiting for finally happens—Klaus is absolutely terrified and looks as though he is going to pee his pants. The awesomeness of that turns rather anticlimactic rather quickly, when says she wants them to all be a family again. Seriously? How long has this whole coffin thing been building up and that’s it?

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The Vampire Diaries is back after a week away and the sealed coffin is finally opened! Sheriff Forbes stops by to let Elena know the dagger that was used to stake the human actually has only one set of prints and they are Elena's. The stake itself looks like one...