Bonnie’s dreams about coffins continue. This time after she awakens, she brings Elena to the witch house to show her the coffins. She’s now convinced she needs to find her mother to help her open the one that is sealed. Stefan isn’t happy that Bonnie brought Elena in, but can’t say much when Bonnie tells him, she needs Elena’s help.

As the two pour over a stack of potential Abby Bennetts, Damon arrives with the correct information and the expectation that he will join them on the road trip to go and meet her. Elena declines stating Bonnie needs the one-on-one time, minus the snarky commentary. When Bonnie notices the tension between the two and asks about it, Damon casually tells her that since the two kissed things have been a little awkward since.

Tyler apologizes to Caroline for accidentally biting her. He has realized how deep-seeded the compulsion is, so he wants to fix it and has brought Caroline’s dad along to help. They head to the Lockwood property and chain Tyler up. Daddy Forbes tells Tyler as long as he does what he says, he will get Klaus out of his subconscious. The first thing he needs to do is turn. Of course, Tyler is reluctant due to the sheer agony, but daddy Forbes pokes and prods him until he does. It is too much for Caroline to watch so she leaves. That’s when the axe comes out. Daddy Forbes takes a few swings at Tyler and tells him he is a danger to his daughter, so he had better change now. The transition happens and Tyler rips the chains out of the walls. Tyler’s character has come a long way, that he cares enough to tell daddy Forbes to run while breaking free of his restraints. Had this been Tyler from first season, he would have mauled him or anybody that got in his way and not cared.

Alaric finishes lunch with Dr. Fell at the Grill. As she is leaving Damon arrives and is curious about her. He tells Alaric what he knows and conveys that he thinks she is trouble. He shows up at the hospital and confronts her. The two have a conversation in an empty room, and she ends up pumping him full of Vervain and “blood-jacking” him. When Damon awakens he heads over to Alaric’s to give him an update. Alaric goes to confront her and daddy Forbes is rushed in on a stretcher. He is in bad shape from getting mauled by Tyler. Dr. Fell tells Alaric she hates to see her patients die and injects daddy Forbes with the vial of blood she stole from Damon. She tells Alaric that is why she stole the blood from Damon – to cheat a little and help her patients.

One of Klaus’s minions arrives at Abby Bennett’s house ahead of Bonnie and Elena and leaves before they get there. She isn’t home when the two arrive, so they are greeted by a guy named Jamie. Turns out his dad used to date Abby and ditched him, so he was mostly raised by Abby. He invites them into the house when Bonnie tells him who she is. They wait for Abby to arrive. After Bonnie and Abby meet for the first time, Abby explains that she left 15 years ago because an original (Mikael) came looking for the doppelganger. Elena’s mom was Abby’s best friend, so she protected Elena by binding Mikael. In the process she lost her powers and decided on a fresh start.

Elena leaves so Bonnie can have some alone time with Abby and bumps into Stefan out back. He isn’t impressed that Elena lied to him about where they were going. Jamie shows up with a shotgun and they realize he has been compelled, but it is too late to stop him from unloading a round into Stefan’s chest and tying up Elena.

Bonnie goes to the window to check what all the commotion is about and Abby tosses some herbs at her, rendering her unconscious. Abby calls Jamie to help load her in the car. She takes off with Bonnie, while Jamie keeps watch over Elena and Stefan. Ooh Abby, that is so not the way to gain the trust of your estranged daughter!

Abby drives Bonnie to meet the hybrid minion and tells Bonnie she needs to warn her friends. If they don’t tell the minion where the coffins are, Jamie will die. Bonnie explains that this is far bigger than any of them. Poor Bonnie. She legitimately has a hard time understanding that Abby feels more protective over Jamie than her own daughter that she abandoned.

Elena gets Jamie to loosen the ropes he has her tied up with. As soon as she is able to, she clocks him with the shotgun and goes to help Stefan, by digging the wood shards out of his chest. There is an interesting moment between Stefan and Elena. He almost seems proud that she has grown stronger. That’s when she crushes it by telling him she kissed Damon. He winces and covers up his feelings on the matter by focusing on her pulling the bloody wood out.

Damon rushes into the witch house to find Klaus. The coffins are still hidden, and Damon managed to get the sealed one out before Klaus arrived. When Klaus threatens the future of the Bennett family, knowing how witches value other witches, they reveal the three remaining coffins. Damon refuses to give up the fourth one, so Klaus takes what he can for the time being and leaves.

When Stefan gets back to Mystic Falls, Damon explains what he had to do and shows him the dagger he pulled out of Elijah. In that moment, Stefan is more pissed about Damon and Elena kissing and he punches Damon. After the way Stefan has treated Elena, I don’t know if he has a right to be choked about what she does anymore.

Elijah awakens, pulls the heart out of hybrid minion #15 and greets Klaus. I’m thinking it would have been much more fun if Damon had pulled the daggers out of both Elijah and Rebekah at the same time.

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Bonnie's dreams about coffins continue. This time after she awakens, she brings Elena to the witch house to show her the coffins. She's now convinced she needs to find her mother to help her open the one that is sealed. Stefan isn't happy that Bonnie brought Elena in, but...