So according to Hanna, Lucas can actually swim. That and the fact that he called his parents rules out him drowning. However, the liars are all feeling certain he is “A’s” little helper, so his sudden absence doesn’t bode well for his innocence. Even though the writers are leading us in that direction, I’m still not convinced.

Aria and Spencer run into Holden at school and he asks Aria out. She is somewhat surprised, since the two have known each other since preschool. But, he is totally cool with the idea of them dating and has even asked her parents for permission. She agrees to go out with him that night and promises to come up with something fun to do. Her plan is to get them tickets for the same play she was supposed to see with Ezra and tells Spencer if it is meant to be between the two, the will run into Ezra at the theater.

Spencer spends some time cleaning out the lake house and finds that “A” might actually have set up shop there. There are extra cell phones, as well as a receipt from somewhere in Philadelphia. After going through the stuff together, Spencer and Aria decide to take a trip and follow up on the lead.

They wander up and down the streets, but it seems the trip is a bust so Aria heads back for her date. Spencer sticks around and notices there are several blind people in the area walking with canes. She follows them to a recovery center for the blind. When she goes inside and tries to get information on Jenna, she is shut down by the receptionist. However, a guy nearby overhears her asking about Jenna and wants to talk. She sits down with him and finds out that Jenna was in fact a patient there. She wanted to learn as much as she could and get out quickly. He hasn’t heard from her since. After they are finished, Spencer goes to leave and is stopped by the receptionist, who wants her to sign out. The receptionist leaves Spencer alone for a few minutes and she steals an old sign-in book from the time Allison disappeared.

Emily and Maya have a date set up for that evening, but Emily notices Maya has been acting strange every time her phone rings. While waiting in line for the club they want to get into, Maya’s phone rings again. She gets jumpy and Emily tells her it’s no big deal, she can let her know what’s up in her own time. So, Maya owns up to the fact that she hooked up with someone else when she got sent away. Emily is good with it, because they weren’t together. Maya seems relieved, and tells Emily that she wishes “he” would just get the hint.That’s when Emily’s eyes almost pop out of her head.

Aria goes to the theater with Holden and the camera goes all slow motion when she sees Ezra arrive, like she expected to do a slow-mo run into his waiting arms with her hair blowing in the wind. That doesn’t actually happen. He meets another teacher there, but ditches the play by intermission saying he has a headache. Holden figures out that Aria went out with the wrong guy and says he’ll keep her secret.

Hanna is having a hard time dealing with the Lucas situation and it doesn’t help that Caleb insists he should go looking for him. When she heads into the restroom at school to have a cry, someone, ooh likely “A” plugs the sinks so it overflows and leaves a little boat in the sink.

Mona tries to confide in Hanna about how Noel broke up with her and she is upset, but Hanna blows her off. Mona late runs into Spencer outside the train station and Spencer gives her some sage advice about setting the bar higher than Noel.

A storm starts brewing in Rosewood and Hanna has already locked down the house for the night. Yet somehow the back door is banging. When she goes to investigate, Hanna discovers the latch is broken. There are muddy footprints and someone has broken into her house. She heads up to her room and finds Lucas. At the same time, Caleb arrives and comes through the back door. Hanna calls his cell so he can overhear the conversation with Lucas. When Caleb joins them in Hanna’s room, Lucas confesses that he actually blew all the money Caleb asked him to hold onto. He was freaking and wanted Hanna to help him soften the blow. He didn’t come back to town after the party because he was driving all over trying to sell his comics to make back the $4,000. O-kay — that was soft! Somehow, Lucas confessing his undying love would have been a lot more believable. Hell, if he was in fact one of “A’s” helpers I would have believed it more.

They liars get together to share some take-out and discuss what each learned that day. The book Spencer stole shows that Officer sketchy checked Jenna out of the clinic the night Allison disappeared, but she didn’t ever check back in. When the go to open up their dinner boxes, they find them full of mud and  worms. That is quickly followed by a text from “A” about them being bait.

This episode felt slow moving or the pacing was off or something. It could have been that odd looking hat Aria was wearing at school that was completely distracting. But something about it felt off track. Hopefully, they will get back to the goods next week.

Alisa LukeTVABC Family,Pretty Little Liars
So according to Hanna, Lucas can actually swim. That and the fact that he called his parents rules out him drowning. However, the liars are all feeling certain he is 'A's' little helper, so his sudden absence doesn't bode well for his innocence. Even though the writers are leading...