Could the found cell phone be the key to unraveling the mystery of A?

With “A’s” phone in hand, the liars decide the next step. The decision to enlist Caleb to hack into the phone is unanimous, with the exception of Hanna. She is worried that he has already been involved with too many shady things up to this point and refuses to bring him in. The rest get spooked and drag her along after the phone rings and the remaining part of the glass roof caves in. Can’t help but wonder if this whole glass ceiling thing is a metaphor for something.

While Caleb is downloading the contents of the phone, it gets disconnected. He manages to get less than 20% of the contents before that happens. He assures the liars that he can crack it and at least find out what has been downloaded so far. They all agree and so does Hanna, reluctantly. With this of course, brings the opportunity for Caleb to start asking questions. They try to convince him that for his own safety, the less he knows the better, but he isn’t buying it.

The most amazing teacher, Ella allows Emily to push her make-up test until Monday when Emily lets her know she hasn’t had time to finish the book and therefore cannot finish the test. Between community service and everything else that has been going on, Emily is behind on her schoolwork. Ah, gotta love the things that happen in TV land!

Spencer heads over to see Toby and tells him she wants to talk in private. That means away from the house where Jenna can potentially hear the conversation. They head over to his truck and the conversation goes from them talking to making out in less than a minute. Looks like there is trouble in paradise when, officer sketchy shows up at the house and is speaking loud enough into his phone that he disrupts the two. He begs Jenna to open the door so he can speak to her. There is something in the conversation that indicates they have involved someone else in their nefarious plans and naturally this makes Spencer curious. When Jenna doesn’t open up, he turns to leave and Spencer ducks down before she is spotted. Toby chooses to stare him down, hard.

Hanna ropes Lucas into helping her study. While she is focused, he drifts off. Then her thoughts are disrupted when Spencer offers her the lake house so she can spend some quality time there with Caleb. Lucas gets antsy when the conversation shifts to Caleb and Hanna tries to get him to help her plan a surprise birthday party. He is so clearly in love with her!

Instead of picking up garbage, Emily’s new community service is answering a call-in line for those in trouble. She heads over to the center and as part of the training, an actual transcript of a phone call is used. Wouldn’t you know, it just happens to be a phone call from the night before. The conversation sounds a lot like someone who just had a run-in with the liars. What a coincidence! Emily snags the paper to show to her friends.

Spencer tags along with Emily to the center. Not sure what her new community service is supposed to be, but it looks like it is now answering phones as well. The two wait impatiently for the phone to ring. When it finally does, the woman who runs the center tells them to listen in on the call and learn. Turns out it is Lucas and he is speaking cryptically, but they recognize his voice. When they bring the information to Hanna, she refuses to believe it without hard evidence.

Aria is on complete lock-down, and has been secretly calling Ezra whenever she gets a chance. Byron is now even scrutinizing the way she is dressing. When she complains to Ella, she lets it slip that he should be the last person judging her for having an inappropriate relationship. Even though it looks like Ella somewhat agrees with the comment, she doesn’t verbally acknowledge it.

Byron heads over to Ezra’s apartment to let him know that he is aware the last year was pretty hellish for Aria and that he appreciates Ezra being there on the one hand, she is still a minor and that still makes the relationship inappropriate. As Ezra explains that he transferred to Hollis for that reason, Byron notices the bed in the corner and completely freaks. He tells Ezra he better stay away from his daughter and he is going to call the police to make sure that happens.

Ella talks some sense into Byron for a minute by mentioning that Aria is already having a tough time in their small town with everything else that has happened in the past year and being under police scrutiny.

Now that they are spending more quality time together, Ella, Byron and Aria head out to dinner together and run into oh, big surprise Ezra. They make a hasty exit from the restaurant and run into some other people they haven’t seen in a while. Ella and Byron start to play matchmaker with the son who looks to be more age appropriate for Aria and invite them over for dinner, next week.

While out at the lake house, Spencer is in the attic looking for stuff for the party. The doorbell rings and Hanna rushes off to get it leaving Spencer alone in the attic to discover that is where the photo, pulled off of “A’s” phone was taken. Spencer calls Hanna to come and take a look. Instead of her showing up, Lucas does and he is acting really nervous. Of course this builds the case against him; that he was/is working with “A”, but I don’t think so.

The night of the party arrives and Emily stops by the center to return the phone transcript she “accidentally” put in her orientation folder. Turns out to be a busy night and the woman running the center encourages Emily to pick up the phone, when she is trapped on another call. It’s Lucas again and he says tonight is the night he has to do something. Translation – he is going to confess to Hanna that he loves her. Emily thinks he is going to try to whack her, so she rushes to the party to find her friends. Instead, she runs into Lucas, looking really nervous, sweaty and even a little queasy. She lets on that she knows he called the center, leaves the room and runs into Spencer. Spencer updates her about the wallpaper and they both panic when the find out Hanna went off with Lucas in a rowboat to set some things up. As the fog thickly rolls in, Lucas rows them out farther into the lake. Suddenly he stops, looks even more sweaty and tells Hanna he, “need to do this now”. My guess is his is about to confess his feelings. They can hear Emily and Spencer calling for her and he tells her not to answer. Hanna suggests they just head back. He stands up to toss the fireworks and Hanna hits him overboard with an oar. Umm… I may be remembering incorrectly, but I don’t think Lucas can swim.

Hanna paddles back toward shore and her oar gets caught on something. She capsizes the row boat and goes overboard. Meanwhile, Spencer and Emily are in a frenzy, because they know Hanna is out there with Lucas and she isn’t answering. For some reason Emily goes to call the police, while Spencer waits by the shore. They remember Emily is the swim champ, right?

Hanna swims back to shore. Spencer pulls her in and comforts her. Caleb arrives and wonders what is going on.

Then the overturned row-boat drifts back to shore.

On the other side, clad in black, “A” pulls one of Lucas’s shoes out of the water.

This episode more than ever makes me think Jenna is “A”, because she seemed to learn all the secrets Allison was keeping before she died. Due to the fact that she is blind, she had to enlist the help of others to do her bidding. When things don’t go according to her plan, she cuts them off. Even though Lucas had an axe to grind with Allison and destroyed her memorial, I think he genuinely had/has feelings for Hanna.

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Could the found cell phone be the key to unraveling the mystery of A? With 'A's' phone in hand, the liars decide the next step. The decision to enlist Caleb to hack into the phone is unanimous, with the exception of Hanna. She is worried that he has already been...