It’s been about a month since we’ve been in Chance Harbor, and that sleepy little coastal town aint getting any brighter.

Cassie (Britt Robertson) is a very troubled girl ever since she found out she has dark magic in her blood.  She force chokes dream Jake (Chris Zylla), then does it for real on Adam (Thomas Dekker).  And again we get the best and worst of both Cassie and Faye this episode.

Cassie is somewhat obsessed with finding out about her dark power.  Adam decides to help her after finding out.  Cassie swears him to secrecy while trying to figure it all out.  Adam gets caught hiding that he’s investigating dark magic by Diana (Shelley Hennig).  And because of their closeness Diana figures out the research is about Cassie.  Enter the force choke on Adam because Darth Cassie thought Adam was running around and telling everyone.  This whole weak one scene Cassie, kick ass the next is really bothering me. Lets go down the really dark path so I can check out Britt Robertson’s acting chops and general badassery already.

Where were we? Oh yeah, Diana offers to allow Cassie to stay at her father’s house while Cassie’s grandmother is getting a mental realignment from the somewhere out there elders.  But who should show up unannounced, but Diana’s grandmother, Kate (Stepfanie Kramer). Seems Elder Meade knows her son, Charles (Gale Harold) is up to something once she finds out her is allegedly going out with Dawn Chamberlain (Natasha Henstridge).  Dawn had a reputation for using people in high school until they were unnecessary… and poor Charles was never very necessary back then.  Dawn decides they need to get rid of Grandma Meade, but Charles doesn’t like the idea of killing his own mother and working their way through the rest of the elders.  He has the crystal so he gets to do as he wants.

Charles and Dawn’s plans aren’t the only thing that Kate knows about.  During a midnight raid on the fridge Kate confronts Cassie about her dark magic.  She says she can help Cassie with it and arranges a meeting in the old woods.  After her and Cassie leave, Diana comes across a lot of witch paraphernalia in her grandmother’s case, including mandrake… used to kill witches.  She grabs Adam and they head out to the woods where Elder Meade is conducting a ritual that Cassie believes will rid her of her dark powers.  Instead she is magic roofied and wakes up in the altar that doubles as a casket.  Earth magically covers her wooden box and she’s build alive.  Diana and Adam arrive shortly after Cassie channels her dark magic to blow the lid of her coffin and the dirt above her off.

Charles confronts his mother’s sulking about.  Kate says she tried to kill Cassie to which Charles is blown away.  The Elder Meade says that Cassie is the one they are looking for who could turn the tide in their favour, but they can’t tell the elders.  Oh, and momma won’t tell the elders about Charles and Dawn’s shenanigans, but warms him to not be reckless and succumb to the darkness inside him.

When the kids get back to the Meade’s Diana apologizes about her grandma, but Cassie states she was sucked in to thinking the Elder Meade could help her with her dark magic problem.  I guess her back up plan was to cast that attraction spell to get Jake to come back to Chance Harbor and specifically her.  At least that’s why I think Jake was sulking outside Diana’s house at the end.

And the sideshow was Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) and Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) trying to get their individual power back. After stealing a page from Cassie’s grimoire that seems to be Voodoo in origin they seek out the ingredients to cast the spell that should increase their power. Apparently someone in Chance Harbor sells the necessary ingredients so off they go.  When they get there, the address is very suburban.  The girls are reluctant to believe the white teenager who practices witchcraft in the very impressively decorated garage is on the level. Yes, Lee LaBeque (Grey Damon) is not only white, but pretty much the visual definition of a bad boy.  I’m guessing that had a lot to do with why Faye let him perform the spell and take a couple of liberties with her while doing so.  The next day Faye still can’t do anything on her own and goes back for some payback to the charlatan.  He admits he has no magic, but knows that she does and he wants to help her get it back… cue the porn groove soundtrack. No, not really… yet.  Yes, he is exactly the kind of boy that must be candy to a girl like Faye.  Should be interesting to see where this leads and if Faye is Cassie’s half-sister via her dad.

I really want to see Cassie be the self-confident, take charge girl we’ve sen she can be.  Doubly so with Faye who was introduced as the girl with confidence to spare. When Cassie isn’t strong she’s very whiney, when Faye isn’t strong she’s a clown.  That said, I like where The Secret Circle is going and it should be a wild ride down a dark slide.

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It's been about a month since we've been in Chance Harbor, and that sleepy little coastal town aint getting any brighter. Cassie (Britt Robertson) is a very troubled girl ever since she found out she has dark magic in her blood.  She force chokes dream Jake (Chris Zylla), then does...