I half expected this episode to start with Hershel’s (Scott Wilson) zombie barn up in smoke. Instead Glenn (Steven Yeun) didn’t mention a word to anyone. Well, up until he spilled to Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) about both the barn and Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) being pregnant. At least he waited until everyone else had gone off to gun practice.

Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Lori, Shane (Jon Bernthal), Andrea (Laurie Holden), T-Dog (IronE Singleton), Carol (Melissa Suzanne McBride) and even Carl (Chandler Riggs) who is now up and about, all head off to learn how to shoot. Hershel’s people also manage to tag along. Andrea does exceptionally well at target practice so she gets promoted to the advanced class. That means she stays after everyone else leaves and gets to practice on moving targets. She has some difficulty with those, so Shane suggests they head over to the new subdivision he heard about and look for Sophia (Madison Lintz). They start off in one house and find piles of walkers, some burned before many moving ones advance on them. They have to clear the walkers out of their path and away from the car before they can escape. Andrea’s gun jams, so she scrambles to get it working while Shane covers her. Then it’s on! She gets in the zone and starts blowing the brains out of everything that doesn’t have a pulse. The whole thing ends up being very stimulating, because later she jumps on Shane and they hook-up in the middle of the road on the way back to camp. I’ve been expecting those two to get together. Just a matter of time, really.

Dale decides to approach everyone about the secrets he learned and he starts with Hershel. He tells him he heard moaning coming from inside the barn, so he knows what’s in there. Hershel seems to think it is just an illness that can be cured. Can somebody please tell this man about the CDC? Can’t help but wonder which one of his “family” is going to eat his brains, err flesh.

After that Dale notices Lori getting nauseated from the smell of meat so he talks to her about being pregnant. Then he goes to Shane and tells him that he thinks he should leave (after Shane and Andrea get back). His approach with Shane is definitely more of a confrontation when he tells him he knows what kind of man Shane is and that he caught him with Rick in his rifle site. We see another glimpse of evil Shane that shot Otis in the leg when he tells Dale, if he thinks he could shoot is best friend, imagine what he would do to someone he doesn’t like.

Maggie (Lauren Cohan) joins Glenn on his ride into town to get more supplies for Lori. She’s mad at Glenn for telling Dale about the barn and upset that he doesn’t understand that is her people in there. Glenn tries to explain what things were like in Atlanta, but she isn’t having any of it. They head inside the pharmacy and he shows her Lori’s list. Both go about gathering supplies and you know it’s just a matter of time before one of them gets attacked by a walker. It ends up being her who is attacked. Glenn has to kill it and this completely frazzles Maggie. By the time they head back to camp she has a different tune about walkers. And apparently about Glenn, when she kisses him and admits she cares. I can see a big old conflict emerging between Hershel and Maggie about the future of the barn-zombies. That is if they don’t manage to escape first and the group takes them down.

Rick confronts Lori about the stack of empty morning after pill packages that he finds in their tent. She had thrown them up, but definitely lets him know how conflicted she is about bringing a baby into such a cruel world. Especially after finding out that Hershel expects them to leave. They air all of their secrets, including the one about how she got together with Shane after she thought he was dead. Yep, it’s out there now. Rick says on some level he knew, or should have known. Yet he is surprisingly calm about the whole relation, almost understanding even when he asks her if it was because the world went to hell and she thought he was dead.

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I half expected this episode to start with Hershel's (Scott Wilson) zombie barn up in smoke. Instead Glenn (Steven Yeun) didn't mention a word to anyone. Well, up until he spilled to Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) about both the barn and Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) being pregnant. At least he...