Homecoming preparations are underway both for the school dance and to lure Klaus (Joseph Morgan) back to Mystic Falls.

Stefan (Paul Wesley) calls Klaus to tell him his father, Mikael (Sebastian Roche) is dead. Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) go through the motions of actually killing him so that when Klaus forces Stefan to tell the truth he is able to play it off. When Klaus asks to speak to Rebecca (Claire Holt) to confirm, she steps up and plays along. Game on and it’s only a matter of time before Klaus makes his triumphant return.

When Mikael wakes up, he and Rebecca have a family reunion that doesn’t go well. She confesses that although she has spent most of her life both loving and hating Klaus, she hates Mikael more because he made them into killers.

Meanwhile, Tyler (Michael Trevino) helps Caroline (Candice Accola) with last-minute preparations for the homecoming dance. Caroline is still jealous of Rebecca and has issues because she was trying to move in on Tyler. He assures her that she has nothing to worry about, because he is clearly only into her, otherwise he wouldn’t be there helping. He almost manages to smooth things over, but another bump emerges when he tells Caroline that he set her up with Matt (Zach Roerig).

Elena steps into Rebecca’s room while she is getting ready. The two have a chat and Rebecca confesses that she is really looking forward to the dance, because she hasn’t ever been to one. She spent so much of her life running, that she didn’t have the opportunity. They share a nice moment when Elena returns the necklace to her and offers to put it on. Then she stabs her in the back with the dagger. Ouch! Poor Rebecca didn’t even see it coming. Well, neither did I – nice surprise. When Damon comes to move the body, he even comments on how Elena got her in the back. Elena feels terrible, but couldn’t take the chance that Rebecca changed her mind.

Maybe someone should wake Rebecca up the day before the next dance, because this one isn’t happening at the school anyway. There is some sort of fire and all the preparations Caroline and Tyler did, have gone up in smoke.

Tyler moves the festivities to his house and manages to pull off an epic party in no time at all. However, when Caroline and Bonnie (Kat Graham) walk into the house, they realize there are a lot of people they don’t know there. That’s because it was actually Klaus who threw the party together to celebrate Mikael’s death. Klaus appears and tells Stefan to fetch Mikael’s body and bring it there. Stefan agrees to do it in exchange for his freedom. Klaus says he will grant it to him.

Stefan shows up at the Salvatore house to deliver Mikael to Klaus. However, Mikael attacks him and feeds so Stefan isn’t going anywhere. It’s all part of the clever plan to ensure Stefan cannot interfere either. That would be surprise number two!

Klaus has words with Tyler and let’s him know that he has been a busy boy and brought an army with him. Yes, all of those not recognizable to Caroline would be part of Klaus’s hybrid army. Klaus encourages Tyler to tell all his friends (Bonnie, Elena, Caroline, etc) that he is always one step ahead of them, so if anyone tries anything his minions will dispatch them. That would be surprise number one, favor Klaus!

Tyler lures Caroline into a bedroom, jabs her with a syringe of Vervain and gets Matt to take her home because of the information he just learned. Matt eventually agrees and goes to grab Caroline, while Tyler runs into Damon and tries to attack him. They tussle and when Damon gets the upper-hand and nearly takes him out, Bonnie comes along and does the instant migraine thing which affects both of them.

Mikael shows up at the front door and one of the minions fetches Klaus. The two have a showdown and as Klaus gathers his army on the front lawn, Mikael calls him a coward for hiding behind them. He has already turned one anyway and it is easy for him to do so because they are all part vampire. Also, he has Elena and is ready to kill her so these are the only hybrids Klaus will ever be able to make. Klaus thinks he is bluffing and forces his hand, so Mikael stabs her in the back. What is with all the backstabbing this episode? As Klaus is reeling, Damon stabs him with the massive stake from the white tree and has him on the ground. Surprise number three for team kill Klaus, because it didn’t look like there was any way Mikael was going to give up the stake. Another right after that as Kathryn pops up and tosses two wolf -bombs out at the hybrids. Then another unexpected thing happens as Stefan comes out of nowhere and jumps Damon, knocking him off Klaus. Wow! Huge shocker there! Klaus rips out the stake and attacks Mikael, drives it through his heart and he bursts into flames. While Damon is scratching his head wondering WTF just happened, Klaus grants Stefan his freedom.

As Elena and Damon are doing the post-mortem on what went horribly wrong that evening, Katheryn calls and says she is getting the hell out of Mystic Falls and away from Klaus. She tells him it was a good plan, too bad it didn’t work. When she hangs up the phone it is revealed that she is the one who revived Stefan with a blood bag and sent him in to interfere. She had also crossed paths with Klaus earlier at the party and he told her if anything happens to him, the minions are to kill Damon. So Stefan spared Klaus so Damon could live and Damon doesn’t have the foggiest idea what happened. Kathryn suggests it is the end of the road for Stefan, who is in the car with her. And she also suggests that Stefan get angry and seek revenge on Klaus. After all it is important that they as vampires embrace their humanity.

Rebecca is still in the cellar with the dagger, so of course Klaus cannot reach her. Stefan calls and apparently took Kathryn’s advice. He stole all the coffins that are filled with the rest of Klaus’s family, that he has been hauling around for years! I love it! And not just because I suggested Stefan do it early in the season…

By the way, I think I lost track of all the twists and shockers in this episode!

The Vampire Diaries will be on hiatus until January 2012. Check out the promo for 3.10.

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Homecoming preparations are underway both for the school dance and to lure Klaus (Joseph Morgan) back to Mystic Falls. Stefan (Paul Wesley) calls Klaus to tell him his father, Mikael (Sebastian Roche) is dead. Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) go through the motions of actually killing him so...