Clay (Ron Perlman) raids the family safe and when Gemma (Katey Sagal) questions him about it he deflects, then lies saying he is leaving early to meet the Mexicans. After he leaves the house she double-checks and sees that he lightened the family coffers by $25,000.

As Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and Tara (Maggie Siff) are getting ready to hit the road, Gemma shows up to say goodbye to her grandchildren. I was thinking – this is it. This is the last time she will see these children alive. She questions Jax as to what is happening with the cartel. When Jax tells her that everything is being handled and they are staying out of it so he is heading up to Portland with Tara, she confirms something is wrong. She doesn’t say anything and heads to the club.

Jax and Tara stop for gas, he gets a little twitchy when he sees the local law. Tara tells him to relax, he is a civilian and heads to the restroom with one of the boys. The officer comes over and has a friendly chat about the vehicle, then they talk about motorcycles and he heads on his way. This is his first taste of what life can be like outside of SAMCRO.

When Clay arrives at the club, Gemma comes out and makes a comment about Jax not making Clay’s meeting because he is on his way to Portland with his family. This stops Clay dead in his tracks for a moment. He grimaces and heads to his office to call Romeo (Danny Trejo). He tells Romeo plans have changed and Jax and the kids are with Tara so he needs to call it off. Romeo says he warned him that once plans were set in motion, it cannot be called off. After Romeo gets off the phone, he tells his man to contact the contract killer and let him know that Jax is there and probably armed so be careful. Clay gets off the phone and tells the rest of the guys to track Jax down. Opie (Ryan Hurst) says he is going to check on his dad, when Clay heads him off and tells him he needs him to stay close.

While Tara and Jax are hanging out in the park with the children, the guy that Clay did the cash drop to earlier is hanging back and watching, waiting. As soon as Jax separates from them to throw out some garbage, a van races over and grabs her. Jax hears Tara screaming, so he pursues on foot, pulls out a gun and starts shooting. Meanwhile Tara fights the ‘kidnappers’ inside the van. In the struggle, her hand gets slammed in the door. The van veers off the road and Jax catches up. He punches one of the guys in the face a few times and gets Tara out. An ambulance is called and the local authorities show up. Tara asks to be taken back to Charming and when the officer Jax was speaking to earlier shows up, they comply.

Clay is mulling things over behind his desk when Gemma confronts him. He yells at her and tells her to stop acting like a member of the club, when she is just an old lady. She says she understands and leaves.

Juice (Theo Rossi) was moved from the Sheriff’s department to an ATF holding cell. When Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar) asks Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) as to his whereabouts, Potter tells him he has sequestered him. Some of the club members came looking for Juice. Roosevelt told them he was picked up the day before and released later that night. Roosevelt finally confronts Potter and tells him he doesn’t appreciate being Potter’s lackie. When he tries to walk away, Potter reminds him the contract he signed isn’t just a confidentiality agreement. It also states that Roosevelt needs to perform his duties when called upon by the feds. This reminds me an awful lot of the ATF situation when Hale was in a uniform.

Potter approaches Juice with a contract of his own, reminds him of what needs to happen and sets out the rules of his release. Why do people who are supposed to be upholding the law end up being so sketchy and bending it to their will? Not only does this guy lie to the outlaws, but for him to lie and manipulate another law man is just terrible.This is going to end so badly!

Juice meets some of the guys back at the club and tells them he had to go for a ride to clear his head after he was picked up again. He assures Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) everything is fine and yes, he should have checked in. No doubt he signed the contract, otherwise he wouldn’t be out.

Everyone meets at the hospital and Jax tells the guys he thinks it was the rival cartel that grabbed Tara. The doctors do X-rays and determine that she has broken bones as well as nerve damage. They operate on her as quickly as they can, but find out the nerve damage is severe and she may never recover.

Clay tells the guys he reached Romeo and wants to go alone to meet up with him. Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) and Tig (Kim Coates) insist on going along. When Clay and Romeo are face to face, he asks him what went wrong and mentions he wants to call it off. They refund his money and tell him they will now take care of it personally. It has to be done, because her knowledge compromises their business. Nice one Clay, the lie you told for your own selfish purposes is coming back to bite you!

The guys all show their support for Jax at the hospital after Tara has a meltdown and kicks him out of her room. They are about to leave and he asks Opie to stay. Jax admits that he was intending to leave the club after Clay retired, but he wants out now. Opie tells him, he needs to stay. After all it was Jax who convinced him not to leave after his stint in prison. Jax apologizes and says if he would have allowed that to happen, Donna would probably still be alive. He encourages Opie to fix his marriage and cherish the relationship with his father.

Gemma arrives at home to find Clay putting the money back into the safe. She confronts him again about how he lied to her face regarding not hurting Tara, something could have happened to the children, etc. He of course denies everything. They argue and he advances on her, so she pulls out a gun. Uh-o! Things get heated and she fires off a shot. Then he attacks her and it is a full-on, punching, yelling , kicking, throwing, vortex of destruction! Clay gets the upper hand, pounds her face and it is lights out Gemma. He takes off and moves into the club. She calls Wayne (Dayton Callie) over to tell him Clay cannot be saved. Wayne offers to modify the evidence (that Clay killed Piney) to point to Clay so they can get him locked up. She says it will be a son that kills him.

No matter what happens next, the prospect of Jax being able to walk away from the club looks grim. Unfortunately for Tara, it looks like her days as a surgeon are over, but she can still practice medicine and be a doctor.

Right now, the only one who really seems to be on to Clay is Bobby. However, I wonder who it will come down to when Clay needs to be taken out in the end. Clay orchestrated the death of Opie’s wife and killed his father by his own hand. Now he has attempted to kill Tara and she may still be in danger. And he killed Jax’s father. Tough call on if it will be Opie or Jax who ends him.

I’m also curious about what will happen with the feds, Roosevelt and Juice. Roosevelt approached Juice in the hospital to apologize, so I’m wondering what the chances are that he will try to find a way to help Juice out in such a way that he isn’t breaking the law, maybe just bending it a little.

Hard to believe there are only two episodes left to wrap things up this season!

Alisa LukeTVFX,Sons of Anarchy
  Clay (Ron Perlman) raids the family safe and when Gemma (Katey Sagal) questions him about it he deflects, then lies saying he is leaving early to meet the Mexicans. After he leaves the house she double-checks and sees that he lightened the family coffers by $25,000. As Jax (Charlie Hunnam)...