Well The Secret Circle took an unexpected turn in killing one of the main characters in the first few episodes.

So it doesn’t take long for the demon snake to start messing up Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy). First she rips into Nick (Louis Hunter) after waking up in his bed. By the time she’s at school it’s very apparent that Melissa is not herself. Barking at Principal Chamberlain (Natasha Henstridge) and stumbling around like she has a super-migraine. Then she becomes calm and too nice. No one around her seems to notice the wide swings in mood and behavior? Ms. Kennedy does an awesome job in this episode of someone being possessed. She starts and ends as the mousey Melissa. She transitions through what can best be described as a jonesing meth addict into a very dangerous femme fatal. It’s not so hard to seduce your boyfriend, but to even attempt to come on to your best friend… I tip my hat to this performance.

Cassie (Britt Robertson) and her grandmother (Ashley Crow), Jane, play a game of cat and mouse avoiding the whole witch thing, while total trying to talk about the witch thing. Seriously Jane, if you really don’t want what happened to your daughter to happen to your granddaughter then stop playing games and have the supernatural talk with her.

New confident Melissa tells Nick that she found her mother’s book of shadows, but needs him to dig it up in the forest… in the dark. She promises the magic will only be for them. They find an old suitcase which is magically locked and take it back to the abandoned house where the circle meets. Cassie gets a text from Melissa to come to the house, it’s important! She bails on her grandmother who already knows that her granddaughter is involved in magic, but unaware how deeply.

Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) shows up at the house and both her and Nick are confused. Melissa says they need more witches to open the lock, but when they do the book will be for Faye and her alone. Hard to tell if Nick is more incensed by the betrayal of the promise of magic or the sapphic overtones his girlfriend is making on her best friend. Cassie arrives and everyone but Melissa is getting upset.

Diana (Shelley Hennig) and Adam (Thomas Dekker) haven’t shown up to the house because they are having a romantic dinner alone. Dinner sucks so they do what attractive teenagers do alone in a big house alone with 300 count sheets. The Secret Circle is really giving softcore porno a run for it’s money and boosting sales of push up bras at Victoria’s Secret. This is broadcast TV still right? This would be racy stuff if it was adults, but with teens I have to admit even I feel a bit uncomfortable with sex scenes only missing nudity and penetration.

Diana’s house is devoid of adults because her dad (Gale Harold), Charles, and Principal Chamberlain are trying to recharge their magic crystal. After waiting two years for this precise moment, their ritual fails and the crystal doesn’t work anymore. Dawn is coming to terms that she might not get her mojo back and Charles is coming to terms with everything he’s done to this point to get here. Don’t worry Charles you’ll get a better chance to feel sorry for yourself a bit later.

Diana and Adam are forced to break it up after Cassie texts them that the circle has an emergency. When they arrive at the abandoned house Melissa is threatening to kill Nick with some scissors if the circle doesn’t open the suitcase. Cassie and friends finally have realized that Melissa was possessed like Heather. Cassie slips off to grab her grandmother. Finally this silly game ends because things got out of hand again. Melissa forces the remaining witches to open the case, but grandma comes in and uses a crystal to neutralize the possessed Melissa. The circle finds out demons can only be killed by being burnt or drown. They burn the suitcase in a tub, but then find out the demon jumped into Nick, who takes off.

Possessed Nick meets up with Dawn and bargains to jump into her to avoid killing the children. Dawn secretly dials Charles who overhears what it going to happen and where. As they get to a secluded place Charles surprised Nick and knocks him unconscious. Then he starts to drown Nick. In the attempt to kill the demon possessing the boy, Charles also kills Nick! Yes, he kills Nick. This really traumatizes Charles, which is strange since he killed Cassie’s mother to get the girl to move back to Chance Harbor. The rest of the circle reacts to the death of Nick, poorly.

Big deal, it’s a show about witches you say? It is a big deal because despite his prominent placement in all promo material for the show, Louis Hunter was only paid to be in the first five episodes of the show. He knew he was being killed off early. This is a huge departure from the novels the show is based on. It’s caused a bit of a backlash by fans online. It’s a very ballsy move by the show’s makers to kill off a main character so early on. Then again the CW shows all seem to be going George R. R. Martin this season. But don’t dispair fangirls, Nick’s older brother is coming back to Chance Harbor next episode and word is he’ll be saying around for a while.

Next week on The Secret Circle – Episode 1.06: Wake:

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Well The Secret Circle took an unexpected turn in killing one of the main characters in the first few episodes. So it doesn’t take long for the demon snake to start messing up Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy). First she rips into Nick (Louis Hunter) after waking up in his bed....