This week on The Vampire Diaries, too many forces are working against Stefan for his lies to be safe much longer.

Gloria (Charmin Lee) works on a locator spell to find Rebecca’s (Claire Holt) missing necklace. When she has some difficulty breaking through, she gets a helping hand from Rebecca and is immediately able to amp up the frequency. The pendant burns Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) chest, so she quickly takes it off and hands it to Bonnie (Kat Graham), (who is finally back in town). When Bonnie comes in contact with it there is a zap of energy and the connection with Gloria is broken.

Gloria tells Klaus (Joseph Morgan) she needs to rest before she can continue working. He finally agrees to leave her alone for a while. So Rebecca, Klaus and Stefan (Paul Wesley) all head off.

Stefan returns alone a while later to find out what Gloria learned. She is expecting him, because some of the images indicated he was involved. Now he has provided her with the opportunity to torture him and gain the rest of the information that she needs to find it. She isn’t interested in finding the necklace for Klaus. She wants it for herself, because there is a lot of magical power in the pendant.

Gloria finishes torturing Stefan (the old-fashioned way with lots of voodoo and a couple of shots of Vervain) and has all the information she needs. She also knows that Elena is still alive. That’s when Katherine (Nina Dobrev) pops up and stabs her in the neck. I guess having your very own stalker can come in handy sometimes. Katherine wants in on Stefan’s plan to kill Klaus. However, he isn’t interested in playing with others. He wants to deal with Klaus on his own. He does however reveal his theory about the vampire hunters to Katherine.

Stefan tries to get a peek inside one of the caskets in the cellar, but is interrupted by Rebecca. So he attempts to get information about who was hunting them. However, she is more interested in talking about what Klaus told her, that Stefan is only with him to save his brother. Klaus also told her about the girl Stefan was in love with. Rebecca wants to know if he will ever be able to love again and seals her question with a kiss. Stefan verbally tells her yes, but his kiss says otherwise. She seems to have an uncanny perception of when she is being lied to and tells Klaus that Stefan is hiding something when he returns. I’m thinking Stefan should find a way to get all the coffins open, remove the daggers and hide them. Klaus will be so busy dealing with his entire family that he killed, he won’t have any time to worry about rekindling his bromance and raising his hybrid army.

Sheriff Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre) takes Damon (Ian Somerhalder) to her ex-husband, Bill (Jack Coleman) to compel him to forget that Caroline (Candice Accola) is a vampire and to leave town. She is holding him in the dungeon to make sure all the Vervain is out of his system so the mind control can work. Damon has a taste test and confirms the Vervain is out of Bill’s system. He does a mind wipe on him. However, we find out later that Damon’s compulsion isn’t up to spec when Bill shows up at a founders council meeting. Damon decides to kill Bill and things are about to get really messy. That’s when Caroline comes to daddy’s rescue. There is an epic fight between Damon and Caroline, before she disappears with Bill into the night. Whee! That was fun, again, again!

Alaric (Matthew Davis) steps up and tells Damon he should take a beat with Elena and that he shouldn’t be trying to kill Bill. Damon gets pissy that everyone is trying to tell him what to do and that Elena is trying to change him to be better, so he breaks Alaric’s neck. This time it takes Alaric a lot longer to come back from the dead, so Damon jokes that he should get his ring checked. Alaric cusses Damon, leaves and tells Carol Lockwood (Susan Walters) and Sheriff Forbes that he should be a part of the council as the Gilbert family representative. When they refuse, he lets them know that he knows both of their children are supernatural.

Amidst all her own emotional drama, Caroline tries to get Elena to admit she has feelings for Damon. Elena finally stops denying she has any feelings, but says she can’t admit it out loud.

Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) confides in Bonnie about his conversations with dead people after a couple of encounters with Anna (Malese Jow) that don’t shed any light on her previous warning. It seems Anna is hanging around somewhere in the middle realm, refusing to let go.

Bonnie is so distracted by Jeremy’s revelation and how the other witches warned her there would be “consequences”, that she is easily fooled into thinking Katherine is Elena. She gives her the necklace and Katherine takes off.

Katherine shows up at Damon’s door. He is also fooled into thinking it is Elena. When he realizes it is Katherine, she shows him the necklace and invites him on a road trip. He readily agrees, because he is totally annoyed at all the pesky humans right now.

Stefan awakens in the back of a moving truck, filled with coffins and Klaus. Klaus decided to bring him back to Mystic Falls, to find out what Rebecca thinks he is hiding.

I think now would be a very good time for Elena to take a long vacation. Mystic Falls is too small of a town for her and Klaus to both be walking around.

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This week on The Vampire Diaries, too many forces are working against Stefan for his lies to be safe much longer. Gloria (Charmin Lee) works on a locator spell to find Rebecca's (Claire Holt) missing necklace. When she has some difficulty breaking through, she gets a helping hand from Rebecca...