Shivette (Sarah Michelle Gellar) walks in from shopping, Sex in the City Carrie Bradshaw fantasy Fifth Ave shopping. Her husband Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) is staring at her like Norman Bates in the shadows. She rambles about going to a Chinese place for dinner and then Andrew addresses her as Bridget. Holy Shit! Forth episode and the charade is blown apart. What, they aren’t going to keep the gag going?!? Andrew launches in about all the things Shivette has done that Siobhan doesn’t like or do. Then he produces Bridget’s bag and her Wyoming driver’s licence. Bridget tries to apologize and Andrew says to not apologize to him but to… zombie Siobhan. Groan. Thanks Bobby Ewing, it was all a dream and clueless Andrew wakes Shivette up. It would have been way cooler to drop that bomb now.

Bridget is obviously feeling the pressure of pretending to be someone she really doesn’t know so much that she even forgot her own birthday. But before she and Andrew go to the Hamptons, Shivette drops Bridget’s bag off at a public locker, where the police have a camera. Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell) thinks that Shivette in the video footage is Bridget, which is ironically true. Andrew is intent that this year, Siobhan’s birthday will be special unlike last year when he left her mid-dinner for work stuff. After a walk on the beach they come back to Gemma (Tara Summers) and Henry (Kristoffer Polaha) who are there for her birthday and getting physical in their fights.

Back in Manhattan, Agent Machado is trying to put the pieces together about Bridget, Siobhan and everything. They get wind that Gemma and Henry are up at the Hamptons, which Machado thinks is ballsy, you know having your husband and lover in the same house. He goes up and finds Gemma alone and asks her a few questions and basically brings up Siobhan’s twin sister, to which Gemma and the rest of the NYC crew didn’t know about. Did he tell her anything else?

Gemma wanders back in a daze and confronts Shivette about Bridget. Shivette basically expresses Bridget’s feelings about herself. Gemma says she won’t tell anyone about Bridget. Flash back to six years earlier where Siobhan basically tells Bridget she never wants to see her again and then cries as she closes the door on her sister. Meanwhile back in Paris, Siobhan is stalking her American trader, Tyler (Justin Bruening), in Paris who wants nothing to do with her after she literally pushed him out her room.

Henry is very confused about why Shivette keeps pushing him away because a year ago she was shacking up with him and getting letters with necklaces from Bridget. Shivette re-affirms that it’s over and then alone on the beach she burns everything in Bridget’s bag including her Wyoming ID. While following Tyler out of the hotel the manager accosts Siobhan about payment plans for her room. You know since Bridget took her money out in NYC, Siobhan is pretty much broke. Tyler rescues her and she tells him an abridged version of her real story since the show started. Hard to tell if she is playing him or actually sad and interested in him or maybe a bit of both.

Agent Machado finds out about the sisters’ fateful boat trip. What exactly he knows we aren’t sure. Is it what Bridget thinks or something else? At Siobhan’s birthday party Shivette eats some meat and the room stops. Oh oh! Apparently Siobhan has been a vegetarian for three years. Seriously?!? All these people have eaten with her since the crazy started and they never noticed she might have been eating a cheeseburger before this? Shivette basically uses the pregnancy excuse as to why she is eating meat again. Good save Bridget. She keeps zoning back to when they were kids and could only afford one necklace for their birthday and shared it each birthday. Henry tells her later that he will walk away if that’s what she wants because he loves her. Unfortunately Gemma was eavesdropping outside the door and now knows Henry was cheating on her with Siobhan and that the baby Siobhan should be carrying is Henry’s. Gemma is dumbstruck the rest of the night until she storms off before birthday cake.

Siobhan wakes up after a night with Tyler. He has settled her account with the hotel using his employer’s account. While he is in the bathroom Siobhan steals one of his account sheets, which has Andrew’s company’s letterhead on it. She makes a call and tells the person on the other end that its back one and should be easier than before. I guess stalking wasn’t an inappropriate term after all. Her hook up with Tyler doesn’t seem to be accidental at all.

While looking for Gemma she runs into Agent Machado and gives an Oscar worthy performance about her sister coming to her and explaining her trouble in Wyoming then disappearing. Again Shivette tells him he knows where the door is and takes off leaving her phone on the credenza. Machado checks her phone and notices that Shivette has called Bridget’s sponsor in Wyoming multiple times. Then unfortunately Shivette finds Gemma who slaps her for sleeping with her husband and being pregnant with his love child. Gemma says she is off to tell Andrew of their affair and nothing will stop her, until Shivette tells Gemma she isn’t Siobhan, but Bridget.

Seriously, I take back the first paragraph because in hindsight it’s obvious foreshadowing. No one finds out, Bridget tells Gemma to protect herself and keep her cover in a very flawed assumed life. She does the right thing for the wrong reason. And this may well be the true awesomeness of Ringer, that each episode is about Bridget making mistakes until the people close to her should realize she’s not who they think she is. Gemma knows Siobhan has a sister. Gemma knows Siobhan has been acting a bit weird lately. Gemma has been told that Shivette is actually Bridget. Now does Gemma accept this?  And what happens if she does? This show is turning out better than I had hoped it would.

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Shivette (Sarah Michelle Gellar) walks in from shopping, Sex in the City Carrie Bradshaw fantasy Fifth Ave shopping. Her husband Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) is staring at her like Norman Bates in the shadows. She rambles about going to a Chinese place for dinner and then Andrew addresses her as...