A trip down memory lane provides a shocking revelation this week on, The Vampire Diaries.

Klaus (Joseph Morgan) takes Stefan (Paul Wesley) to Chicago to relive the 1920s. When Klaus and Stefan arrive in Chicago, he asks him what he remembers from that time. Stefan says he hardly remembers anything. It was a complete blur. They revisit a club they both used to frequent back then and the woman who used to sing in the club, Gloria is still keeping the place going. She is actually a witch and has aged very well. Klaus looks to her for answers about why his hybrid experiment didn’t work. She says she would need to speak to the witch who performed the ceremony. That isn’t possible, since she is long gone. So, Gloria suggests that Klaus bring her Rebecca (Claire Holt). It turns out the Rebecca is actually Klaus’s sister, who he is keeping in a coffin in a cellar somewhere with a dagger in her chest. There are also several other coffins in the room. I wonder who they belong to.

While Klaus chats with Gloria, Stefan finds a picture of him and Klaus with their arms around each other, back in the day. Turns out that Stefan used to date Rebecca and he and Klaus had a bromance. What?!? That is until some police tracking Klaus and Rebecca, who knew they were vampires, because they were hunting them with wooden bullets caught up with them and they took off. Then Klaus glamored Stefan to make him forget about them, until later. Rebecca didn’t want to leave town without Stefan and that’s when Klaus stabbed her with the dagger. What a twist! He now removes the dagger and leaves instructions with the guard about what he is to do when Rebecca awakens.

Back in Mystic Falls, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) gets a tip from Katherine (Nina Dobrev) that Stefan and Klaus are in Chicago. So he gives Elena (Nina Dobrev) the news (by appearing in her bed while she is sleeping) and they head out on a road trip. While they are traveling, he suggests she get up to speed on what a baddie Stefan really was and passes her his journal. At first she says she doesn’t want to invade his privacy. However, when she realizes she has no idea HOW bad Stefan was she starts reading.

Down in the dungeon, Caroline’s (Candice Accola) father spends some quality time torturing his daughter. He asks her how she can walk in the sun. After she indicates that it is the ring she is wearing, he removes it, opens up a window and lets the light sun shine on her (really important thing to note here – she burns from sun exposure. She doesn’t sparkle. Hooray for the writers creating real vampires!) Then he brings her a bag of blood and tells her he is going to make her resist her vampire impulses. She says it isn’t possible so he opens up the window again and says he will continue doing it until she learns to associate blood with being burned. This is the only alternative he can think of to killing her.

Tyler (Michael Trevino) approaches Sheriff Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre) to help find Caroline. They track her and big daddy down and find them in the dungeon. Sheriff Forbes holds a gun on her ex/estranged (what’s the deal with these two anyway?) while Tyler gets Caroline out. He and Sheriff Forbes take her home and there is a really tender moment where Sheriff Forbes is giving Caroline blood and tucking her into bed. She’s had difficult time accepting that Caroline is a vampire, but this moment speaks volumes with how far she has come.

Damon takes Elena to Stefan’s old apartment in Chicago and shows her the really dark side of Stefan. He reveals a secret passage in the wall. There are a number of bottles in the room. Hard to tell if it is blood or wine in the bottles. That’s not the freaky part though. On the wall, Stefan used to write the names of all his victims. It is a very, long list. Damon decides it would be a good idea to leave Elena in the apartment while he visits the club Stefan used to frequent. While he is catching up with Gloria and getting the details of when Klaus and Stefan would be coming to the club, Klaus wants to prove that he knew secrets about Stefan and takes him to his old apartment. Elena hears the two outside the door and hides in the only place she thinks might be safe, the passage. Klaus opens the passage to show Stefan his commemorative wall, but doesn’t look inside. He wanders around the apartment, while Stefan steps in and comes face to face with the list and Elena.They look at each other for a few moments, then Stefan grabs a bottle of wine and tells Klaus they should look for something to go with it. Okay, what’s up with super hybrid not smelling or sensing Elena’s presence that nearby?

Later that night, Damon gets Stefan outside of the club with Elena and distracts Klaus. Stefan tells her to go home and that he doesn’t want to. She is packing a syringe with Vervain, but he stops her before she can jab him with it. He also tells her that Klaus is too close to figuring out why he isn’t able to make other hybrids. Further, things would never be the same again, so she should just let him go. He manages to get her upset enough that she is waiting in the car when Damon gets back and tells him to, “drive.”

When Klaus heads back to the cellar he finds Rebecca and she is choked. She runs at him and stabs him with the dagger. Of course it no longer works on him. He tells her he hopes that she will forgive him and then he brings in Stefan. That’s when he un-glamors Stefan so he now remembers everything that happened. Including the part where he picked up a necklace from the floor of the club. That would be the same, “old family heirloom” that he gave to Elena. That necklace actually belonged to Rebecca and she needs it. Also, Klaus reveals that part of his plan is getting the old gang back together. He still considers Stefan the best friend and brother that he ever had.

Another surprising little piece of information that came out was, Katherine was actually stalking Stefan back in the 1920s. She was in the shadows at the club after the raid. She also alluded to Damon that she is really far (a continent) away from Stefan and Klaus, but in reality she is also in Chicago watching them now.

I wonder if this new revelation and reunion will have the lasting effect that Klaus hopes to achieve. It certainly opens up the door for Damon and Elena to finally get together.

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A trip down memory lane provides a shocking revelation this week on, The Vampire Diaries. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) takes Stefan (Paul Wesley) to Chicago to relive the 1920s. When Klaus and Stefan arrive in Chicago, he asks him what he remembers from that time. Stefan says he hardly remembers anything....