Welcome to this week’s installment of The Secret Circle. This week the kids mull over if they are going to bind their circle. Faye (Phoebe Tonkin), head of the Me Me Me team, is dead set against it since she doesn’t want to lose personal power to make the group stronger. Also, Faye’s grandfather is in town and it’s not for a social call. Last, but not least we find out where Diana’s (Shelley Hennig) father’s (Gale Harold) power comes from as his generation was cut off from magic.

Cassie (Britt Robertson) reads a note from her dead mother. Who leaves a note to their daughter to be read only upon their death. The kind of person who ran from something really bad and knew one day it would find them. Cassie and Nick (Louis Hunter), the bad boy of the circle, resume their staring match after Nick and Faye’s flunky Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) finished their horizontal dance. Cassie ends the staring match by crashing his window down and shattering its glass.

Faye’s grandfather comes back to town hearing their may be some problems since Cassie came back. Cassie and Faye resume their not so shadow boxing. Faye boils Cassie’s beaker until it explodes and Cassie ignites then explodes Faye’s. The kids parents’ circle was stripped of their power, but Diana’s father, Charles, has been using magic by utilizing a crystal. Faye’s mother (Natasha Henstridge), Dawn, confronts him saying he has been reckless and should give her the crystal to which he agrees.

Diana’s boyfriend Adam (Thomas Dekker) and Cassie try their magic together, again. Plants, light bulbs and holding hands aren’t the magic happening here. Illuminating light bulbs isn’t the dangerous thing either. At the fair, Faye and Cassie get into another struggle that ends up with a girl getting thrown on to the rocks. Dawn uses the crystal she got from Charles to bring her back to life. This outburst changes Faye’s outlook and now she agrees to bind the circle even if she loses some individual power.

Faye’s grandfather witnessed the events at the fair and confronts Dawn. He knows the kids are practicing magic, which is forbidden. He knows they have a complete circle and shouldn’t bind it. He knows Dawn has a crystal and used it to revive the girl thrown on the rocks. He tells her to hand over the crystal and that he will report everything to “the elders”. Dawn instead induces a fatal heart attack on him. The kids meet on the beach at night and bind their circle as flames fire up on their bonfire.

So both a lot and not much happened this week on The Secret Circle. Cassie is still rejecting her inheritance and Faye is still being a bitch. Cassie is borderline whiney, Luke Skywalker Toshie station, whiney about her gift. Faye pushes things too far and finally we have everyone believing that binding the circle is the best for everyone, which is just what the remnants of the previous generation seem to want. We find out that the kids’ parents were bound and something really bad, like 5 people dead bad, happened. So, the idea that binding will be safer doesn’t seem to be true. Diana is getting wise to the fact that her boyfriend and Cassie have their own magic. Now let’s hope Cassie becomes Return of the Jedi Luke and Faye becomes Angel Cordelia.

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Welcome to this week's installment of The Secret Circle. This week the kids mull over if they are going to bind their circle. Faye (Phoebe Tonkin), head of the Me Me Me team, is dead set against it since she doesn't want to lose personal power to make the...