This week on The Vampire Diaries, the flavor of choice is Vervain.

This episode of The Vampire Diaries is aptly named after the Hybrid himself, Klaus (Joseph Morgan). Elena (Nina Dobrev) still has hope for Stefan (Paul Wesley). Council members spike the coffee in Mystic Falls. And Caroline (Candice Accola) gets shackled down.

Werewolf, Ray Sutton (David Gallagher) gave Klaus details as to the whereabouts of his pack. He awakens just as Klaus and Stefan make their grand entrance into the camp. He is in need of blood and Klaus sniffs out the only human in the pack to offer him up to Ray. Klaus is tickled when a pack member has already heard of him and calls him, “The Hybrid.” Things go horribly wrong with his science experiment to create his army of hybrids, when the wolves start to change before the full moon, get a little rabid and start bleeding out of the eyes. Klaus ponders that he did everything he was, “told to do” and prattles off a list that includes killing the doppleganger. Oops, one small detail as Elena is very much alive, breathing and on the hunt for Stefan (even though Stefan and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) are trying to keep her away from Klaus because he cannot know she is alive). So, if Klaus is an original vampire who or what is it that would be older and possibly wiser, telling him what he needs to do?

Elena, convinced that Stefan can still be saved after his late-night, blood-drunk call enlists Alaric (Matthew Davis) to help her track down his location. Alaric reluctantly agrees to go with her, but secretly calls Damon for back-up. Once Damon arrives he tosses her around a little in hopes of knocking some sense into her. When that clearly doesn’t work, they continue their journey to the camp. On the way, they run into werewolf/vamp Ray who had bitten Stefan and gotten away. They throw everything they can at him and figure there is nothing else to do, so they run back to the car.

Stefan shows his wound to Klaus and says he will need some of his blood to heal. Klaus holds out until Ray is brought back to him. Thankfully, he didn’t mention dead or alive because Stefan creeps up on Ray and rips his heart out when he has Damon pinned down.

Once they are back in Mystic Falls, Damon reveals to Elena that he hasn’t given up on Stefan. Even though Stefan is at his worst, he still saved his life again and now he must return the favour. But first, Damon must know why Elena decided to run from the wolf in the woods when they were armed to the teeth and Alaric was wearing his special life saving ring? Does it mean she cares? Let’s not miss a opportunity to amp up the love triangle! Oh and by the way, what’s up with Damon’s eyes these days? They seem a wee bit crazy.

Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) (who looks way better with his haircut by the way), decides to take action on his ghostly visitations and asks Matt (Zach Roerig) for his help contacting Vicky (Kayla Ewell). Matt freaks and decides he can’t go through her things, until he gets his own visitation when a picture of he and Vicky that he had put face down is moved upright. Once he is on board he takes a bag of her belongings over to the Gilbert house and Vicky pays them a visit again. This time she tells Jeremy that she can come back. Whoa, wait a minute that would just be wrong on so many levels! Jeremy gets another visit from Anna (Malese Jow), who tells him not to trust, Vicky. The battle of the vampire ghosts has commenced! Who will come out victorious?!?

After Alaric gets Elena safely back to the car, she convinces him that she and Jeremy are the only family they both have and he doesn’t have any family, so he should move into the house and they should all be a family. He finally gives in and moves his belongings into the Gilbert house.

Carol Lockwood (Susan Walters) mixes up a special brew of Vervain-laced coffee for Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) breakfast. When Tyler tastes it, he realises it tastes odd and comments that the milk must be off. Then he heads to the Grill and waits for Caroline to meet him. When she doesn’t show, Matt offers him a coffee. Tyler immediately notices the taste of the Vervain again and thinks his taste-buds must be out of whack. Matt, knowing that it is laced with Vervain comments that Sheriff Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre) likes them to put some Vervain in the coffee every once in a while. The regular human folk around town can’t taste it. After Tyler realises the taste is the same as the coffee his mom gave him in the morning, he confronts her. She admits to lacing the coffee because she had to make sure he wasn’t also a vampire, since he had been spending so much time with Caroline. She comments on her being a monster and that is when Tyler realises mommy dearest has no idea about the Lockwood family curse. In order to teach Carol, he drags her into the dungeon and locks her into a separate room with steel bars so she can watch his transformation. When he wakes up in shackles the next morning, Carol has a new outlook on things and says she will make sure nothing happens to Caroline. Umm, it might be a bit too late for that considering you already called in some cavalry to help you with your vampire situation. Just a thought.

Somewhere in another dungeon, probably not too far away, Caroline wakes up and realises she is shackled to a chair. She calls out for Carol and instead of her walking through the door, it is, dun, dun, dun, her “daddy.” Oooh, I don’t believe we’ve ever met Caroline’s daddy before. Where in the world did he come from and what is he going to do about his darling vampy daughter?

Elena will clearly never be safe simply because she is the Petrova doppelganger. That means there will always be some big baddies out there with an agenda, who decide she is the solution to fixing their problem. If she doesn’t listen to her hunky, vampire protectors, stay home and keep a low profile, The Hybrid will find out she is still alive and come after her again. Even worse, something bigger and badder could be next.

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This week on The Vampire Diaries, the flavor of choice is Vervain. This episode of The Vampire Diaries is aptly named after the Hybrid himself, Klaus (Joseph Morgan). Elena (Nina Dobrev) still has hope for Stefan (Paul Wesley). Council members spike the coffee in Mystic Falls. And Caroline (Candice Accola)...